Top Reasons Why Remote Careers Are the Future of the Mobile Workforce

The professional world is constantly changing. New and exciting opportunities to become more independent career-wise arise each day. What does that mean for you? As we move into a new day and age, more opportunities for working independently without the need to commute to a physical office are becoming more readily-available by the day. Remote […]

Maximize Your Personal Brand Exposure

Obtain Your Desired Career Position by Synching your Professionally Written Resume & Optimized LinkedIn Profile Building your very own personal brand will do wonders in your journey to advancing in a career that you love while providing you with a wide array of exciting opportunities. More and more companies are expecting their future employers to […]

Post COVID Job Hunting Tips

Vocamotive: Post COVID Job Search Tips There is no doubt that 2020 and 2021 have been challenging, and unfortunately for many Americans, the professional world took a hit. It was estimated that in 2021, unemployment rose 5.8%. As you look forward to getting back to doing the work that you love to do, it is […]

Resumes & LinkedIn Profiles – They’re Not Just for Job Search

Recently, I had an individual contact me for services to improve their LinkedIn profile not for job search services, but to advance their current work. Speaking with this individual made me think back on all the projects (both LinkedIn and resume related) that I’ve worked on for individuals that had NO plans to job search. […]

Modern Day Job Interview Tips – Do’s & Dont’s

Job Interview Tips – Do’s & Dont’s If it’s been a while since you last had to interview for a job, then it’s natural to feel a little out of practice. Perhaps you’ve had a few interviews recently that haven’t gone well, or maybe you’re looking to change career, whatever the reason you find yourself […]

Bold Questions to Ask in an Interview

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Landed an interview for a job you really want? Congratulations! Now it’s time to get to work. The preparation phase before a big interview is a crucial time. You need to go over the job description, the company’s aims and objectives, and your own skills and experience in relation to the role, all of which you’ll […]

Technical Vs. Non-Technical Skills in the Workplace: Which Is More Important?

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This past season on ABC brought us a new show, “The Good Doctor.” I’m a self-professed TV junkie with an affinity for medical related shows (Grey’s Anatomy anyone?) and have been loving it.   For those that haven’t watched the show, it’s based on a young doctor (Shaun Murphy) with autism, which makes verbal and […]

Could You Be Swiping Right on New Career Connections?

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A Paris-based and New York startup called Shapr has gone on to raise close to 3 million to create a professional networking website for your industry. However, unlike LinkedIn, which is one of the largest networking giants, Shapr is user-friendly on mobile. As a user, you get a chance to go through a list of […]

5 Signs You Would Benefit From Job Search Assistance

Whether you are currently employed and exploring your options or unemployed and looking for a new career, searching for a job can be a long and exhausting journey. In addition, the process can feel futile and frustrating if you are not getting employer feedback, are turned down during the interview process, or are unsure of […]