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Vocational Assessments for Divorce Litigation &
Matrimonial Law in Lombard, Illinois

Divorce attorneys can be faced with significant challenges in evaluating spousal income if one party is voluntarily unemployed, underemployed, has been out of the workplace for a significant period of time, or if there is a child with a disability and uncertain work potential.

These issues can be further compounded if one party cannot work due to a medically proven disability, incarceration, or institutionalization.

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A determination of potential income must be made by evaluating employment potential and probable earnings level based on the obligor’s education, work history, occupational qualifications, prevailing job opportunities, ownership of a substantial non-income-producing asset, and earnings level in the community.

Vocamotive Certified Rehabilitation Counselors make exactly this type of assessment every day of the week and are intimately familiar with labor market conditions and able to access detailed labor market data anywhere in the country.

Vocamotive professionals are not just experts in a courtroom. They are vocational rehabilitation and job placement professionals using their expertise every day to put people to work.