Vocational Rehabilitation Service Company in Illinois

Empowerment Through Employment,

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We are a team of rehabilitation counseling, placement and training professionals dedicated to helping people perform in one of the most important areas of life – Work.

Our name, Vocamotive, says it all. From Latin, the word Vocatio means “To be called”. It is an inner call or summons to perform a specific function. The word Motum means “Passion” or “Amor”. It is our motivation.

Our mission is to provide vocational rehabilitation services to all people, including those with any form of disability, older workers, veterans, the economically or circumstantially disadvantaged or anyone needing help establishing employability and achieving success in finding and maintaining employment and growing in their career.

We bring a diverse set of skills, experience and services to the table in combinations no other vocational rehabilitation, career placement and counseling firm can match.

Whether you are an injured worker trying to establish a new career, the parent of a special needs student trying to help your child enter the workforce, the experienced litigator looking for vocational expertise, an employer seeking skilled workers or simply someone looking to up your game when it comes to looking for a job, we can help.

We live in the real world. We are more than just counselors or experts. We put people to work.

The proof is in the placement.

Vocatio Motum-Vocamotive. Called passionately to serve.

“Let us help you answer your call to service.”