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Vocamotive was established in 1992. Over the course of their history, their team has helped thousands of people with disabilities throughout Illinois and the United States.

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If you are looking for guidance these professionals will help you strengthen your skills and create a plan that you can rely on.

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Vocamotive is dedicated to helping you improve your quality of work. Reach out to them today in Lombard, Illinois for a free consultation.

Vocational Assessments for Personal Injury & Divorce Litigation in Lombard, Illinois

Why Work With Vocamotive?

Fair & Ethical Non-Bias Highly Skilled

No matter what your background is or what your goals are, the experienced team at Vocamotive helps those looking to improve their skills and career options. If you reside in Chicago, Rockford, Champaign, Springfield, DeKalb, or Lombard, Illinois, and are ready to begin, contact Vocamotive today for a free consultation.


I was so impressed with their work and compassion for my clients, I started asking them to work with me on cases where a vocational expert was needed. They are honest people giving honest answers.
Neal B. Strom
The key to Vocamotive’s success is based upon the fact that their primary motivation has been to help someone restart their life and restore to them the feeling of self-worth, which only comes from doing meaningful work.
Joseph A. Garofalo
The credibility of the staff at Vocamotive has been tested time and time again before arbitrators and judges in various jurisdictions and they have always been recognized as being extremely knowledgeable and competent in their field
Richard E. Aleksy
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Helping Attorneys Better Their Clients' Lives

Are you a divorce or personal injury attorney looking to help your clients reach their potential? Vocamotive is ready to assess the current situation and provide researched and tested insight that you and your clients can rely on. Do you have questions about how the process works? Get in contact with the team of professionals today and form the future.

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Skilled Vocational Evaluation &
Rehabilitation Serving Your Best Interests

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Vocamotive delivers a unique combination of vocational services which are well-respected by insurance and legal professionals across the country. The team of professionals' expertise spans vocational evaluation, testing, ergonomics and job analysis, counseling, labor market analysis, and placement.

This team helps insurance claims adjusters or attorneys who need assistance dealing with personal injury and workers' compensation cases to help claimants receive the appropriate financial compensation or vocation that fits their unique needs. Contact Vocamotive for the guidance that you and your clients deserve.

If you are a parent or family law attorney who is responsible for a child with special needs and need someone to guide you with either seeking financial support from a co-parent or finding a job opportunity that meets your loved one's needs. Turn to Vocamotive for reliable and tested guidance for your family.

To get started on developing skills that you can put to work, get in contact with Vocamotive today. Their team provides their services all over the state of Illinois including Chicago, Rockford, Champaign, Springfield, DeKalb, and Lombard. Start building a life that you can be proud of. Vocamotive is here to help you.