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Vocational Computer Training in Lombard, Illinois

Adults learning to use the computerThe professionals at Vocamotive are committed to providing their rehabilitation clients with essential tools to compete in the workplace, expand labor market access, and improve wage-earning potential.

Vocamotive is the only rehabilitation practice in the country to integrate their unique computer training protocol into rehabilitation evaluation, planning, and placement.

Vocamotive is a licensed Vocational School. Their curriculum is carefully designed, approved by the State of Illinois Board of Higher Education, and updated regularly.

Providing their clients with a complete hardware and software package and individualized training, Vocamotive's counselors closely supervised you for the best opportunity. 

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Key Program Features

  • Licensed vocational school with IBHE-approved curriculum

  • Microsoft Office Certified Instructors

  • 5 day per week instructional program

  • All training is one-to-one

  • Students are provided with laptops with all software necessary for on-site/remote training

  • Internet access provided

  • Assistive technology available

  • Custom student email accounts for use while in the program

  • Student accountability management