About Vocamotive

Vocamotive was founded by Joseph Belmonte, CRC and has been serving litigators, insurance companies, third party administrators, self insured employers, and people with disabilities since 1992.

Vocational ServicesFor more than 30 years, Vocamotive has been dedicated to improving the dignity and quality of life for people with disabilities and those with other barriers that restrict them from reaching full professional potential. Our firm has become one of Chicagoland’s largest and most trusted vocational and rehabilitation centers. We have provided support services and employment for hundreds of people, working closely with and establishing strong relations with local businesses.

At Vocamotive, our team is driven to deliver a wide range of vocational services for clients in many challenging situations. For decades, we have witnessed firsthand the value and difference our services provide. Creating new opportunities is our passion, and we do whatever it takes to continue helping those looking to overcome societal obstacles and other drastic circumstances.

Our Vision

Vocamotive VisionOur firm strives to unravel the issue of delivering client-centered, affordable services based on faith and the proper treatment of each individual and their unique condition. Too often, clients are seen as a commodity, and their value and worth getting lost in the evaluation process. Clients desire to be heard and understood. We have the dedication and ability to provide quality vocational services for each client while considering their needs throughout all that we do.

The greatest strengths of our organization are our personal touch, care, and regard for our clients. Our duty is to consistently give the best services imaginable to assure each client has plenty of opportunities going forward in life. Vocamotive will change and adapt as different needs and challenges arise to provide the best service and answer to our clients.

The Various Services that Our Firm Provides

Vocamotive is the premier provider of vocational evaluation, rehabilitation, and job placement services in Chicagoland. Due to the constant challenges in today’s workforce, our clients need help that is designed for their specific situations. Therefore, our office boasts a variety of different services, which include:

  • Personal Injury – Vocamotive specializes in evaluating seriously injured individuals in Personal Injury. A professional vocational evaluation is critical in personal injury cases where the affected party’s injury has affected their ability to go back and perform the same type of work or work that requires less physical demands.
  • Matrimonial Law – Due to a variety of aspects, a spouse may be left without the ability to work for a duration of time. Vocational evaluation will determine the support obligations if a spouse is unemployed or unable to work.
  • Workers’ Compensation – Our firm delivers a wide range of evaluation resources, tools, and training to serve a worker that has been injured on the job. Our services go beyond finding suitable employment. We also ensure that workers are provided with everything they need to assist them in making a full recovery.
  • Education Law: Parents and guardians of children with special needs are constantly under a lot of pressure when it comes to their education and future employment. Our company understands the unique characteristics of those with special abilities. We match them with educational opportunities and jobs that fit their unique abilities and aptitude.

Personal Service From a Team that Truly Cares

No matter your unique needs for vocational assistance, you need to feel comfortable, protected and cared for at all times. Vocamotive delivers all of that and more. We are dedicated to serving each of our clients, no matter the reason for their vocational and rehabilitation needs. Our employees are experts in the industry, personal and relatable from start to finish. Whether it be:

  • Updating your current skills
  • Assisting you in your transition back into the workplace following an injury
  • Contacting one of our partners to deliver a professional opportunity after a stint away from work

We have you covered! Don’t settle for a vocational and rehabilitation company that doesn’t care about your success moving forward. Trust in the professionals at Vocamotive and experience the difference that you require today.

Our Core Values

Vocamotive advocates for and empower individuals to trans­form their own lives through unique opportunities to work and be a part of the community. Our values include:

  • Quality – Vocamotive provides programs and services that exceed the expectations of the individuals and businesses we serve.
  • Commitment to People – Our priority is to assist people and create complete and meaningful lives of their choosing. We provide each client with the skills and resources they need, assess their performance fairly, and recognize their outstanding contributions.
  • Innovation – Our flexibility and constant drive to improve allows us to take advantage of opportunities in our constantly changing environment to pursue new ideas and creative solutions.

Our Team

Joseph Belmonte, CRC, CEAS I

Mr. Belmonte is founder and President of Vocamotive. With over 35 years experience in vocational rehabilitation, medical case management, job analysis, and job placement,  and thousands of hours of testimony experience in workers compensation, personal injury, ADA, and employment law, Joe brings the highest level analysis, rehabilitation planning, and placement expertise to assist injured workers and the insurance professionals and litigators who serve them. Joe is also a Certified Ergonomics Assessment Specialist.

Kari Stafseth-Zamora, CRC, CEAS I

Ms. Stafseth-Zamora completed undergraduate studies and Masters in Rehabilitation Counseling at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Kari is a Certified Rehabilitation Counselor and Vocamotive Director of Case Management Services.  She is highly experienced in complex Worker’s Compensation, Personal Injury, and Matrimonial Law matters with thousands of hours of expert witness experience. Kari is also a Certified Ergonomics Assessment Specialist.

Emily Pastore, CEAS I

Ms. Pastore completed her BA at Northern Illinois University in Family and Social Services. Upon completing her internship with Vocamotive she joined the team as a Career Placement Specialist.  Emily is Director of Career Services, managing the Vocamotive job placement and employer outreach team. Emily is a Certified Ergonomics Assessment Specialist.

Laura Belmonte, CRC, CEAS I

Ms. Belmonte completed undergraduate study in Special Education at Iowa State University, and Masters in Rehabilitation Counseling at Northern Illinois University. She began her career working with children with cognitive, behavioral, and developmental disabilities, eventually transitioning to serve adult populations.  Laura joined Vocamotive in 2013 as Job Development Specialist supporting adults returning to the workplace after career ending injury. Laura is a Certified Ergonomics Assessment Specialist.

Donna Huyser, MOS

Ms. Huyser currently serves as Administrative Services Manager. She brings extensive experience supporting physicians in a major cardiology medical practice, as an educator, and small business owner. Ms. Huyser is Certified as a Microsoft Office Specialist in Word, Excel, and Outlook.

Christine Lucas, MOS

Ms. Lucas  is our Lead Computer Lab Instructor and primary liaison with the State of Illinois Board of Higher Education. She coordinates our Vocational School licensing and is instrumental in development of our computer training curriculum. Christine is Certified as a Microsoft Office Specialist in Word, Excel, Outlook, and PowerPoint. 

In Search of Vocational Services? Contact Vocamotive

For over 3 decades, we have been serving many clients with a wide range of injuries, conditions, and disadvantages. Our drive is powered by the knowledge that the work we do truly transforms our clients’ lives for the better. Therefore, if you or a loved one is in need of expert vocational services and assistance, talk to us today.

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