Joseph Belmonte, CRC, founded Vocamotive in 1992 after spending 15 years in the public and private vocational rehabilitation sector. After years of accrued experience evaluating, training and successfully placing individuals facing unique challenges into new opportunities, Vocamotive was established to deliver a unique and comprehensive range of vocational services, which can effectively be used by all job seekers.

Vocamotive now serves a wide array of clients and prides itself on providing highly-customized services. We are equipped to deliver effective career-focused assistance to everyone from individuals with disabilities or special needs and young professionals to seasoned workers and highly-accomplished senior executives.

The average person receives little, if any, formal education as to how their innate aptitudes, interest or temperament can be matched to employment. They are rarely taught how to effectively search, apply for, and land a role. By skillfully evaluating a prospective labor market, creating effective personal branding tools, and executing a precision job search strategy, Vocamotive enables its clients to effectively penetrate the job market while also maximizing their return on investment of financial resources, time and effort.

We are trained in the art and craft of vocational evaluation, testing, guidance, writing and placement. Our team of professionals leverage a variety of tools, skill sets and experience unmatched by other career counselors or résumé writers. Furthermore, Vocamotive’s rehabilitation counselors are universally recognized as experts in the courtroom when issues pertaining to employment must be addressed.

Whether you are an experienced litigator in need of a competent expert or simply a motivated job seeker looking to move up in the world, we will develop and assist you with enacting a plan to achieve your specific goals.

Our motto is Empowerment through Employment. Let us put our 25 years of expertise to work for you.