About Vocamotive

Vocamotive was founded by Joseph Belmonte, C.R.C. in 1992 after spending 15 years in public and private sectors of rehabilitation serving people disabilities including cognitive and developmental disability, mental illness, traumatic brain injury and orthopedic/ neurological and other physical pathology.

It is evident that the average person receives little to no meaningful education as to how their innate aptitudes, interests or temperament can be matched to employment. They are not taught how to prepare for managing a career or how to look for a job. Most of us learn by trial and error.

People with disabilities face unique challenges finding work and they must deal with their lack of knowledge as well as with their disability condition and all of the difficulties that will pose.

We are trained in the art and craft of vocational evaluation and rehabilitation. We pull together a unique mix of evaluation, training and placement services which we tailor to the specific needs of each individual with a holistic approach to produce vocational success.

Working is an essential life function. If we do not work we are inevitably dependent on others and are at an economic disadvantage.

It is our mission to help people achieve their goals and have a good life by exceling in their professional pursuits.