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Vocational Assessments for Workers'
Compensation in Lombard, Illinois

Vocational Rehabilitation Case Management is much more than just getting a job for an injured worker.

The professionals at Vocamotive believe the injured worker is not truly recovered from injury until they have returned to work at their maximum vocational potential. Their commitment is to provide the most comprehensive range of evaluation resources, tools, and training to serve the injured worker and maximize recovery from a career-ending injury.

Vocamotive is a unique practice unlike any other in the country. It is a licensed Vocational School operating under the supervision of the State of Illinois Department of Higher Education (IBHE).

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How Vocamotive Strengthens You

Vocamotive professionals and counselors develop a thorough understanding of the injured worker's background including medical, educational, and work history, physical capacity, and other factors. They couple this with intimate occupational and labor market knowledge to determine whether the injured worker is employable, the type of work they can perform, wage-earning potential, and the ability to access viable, stable labor markets offering gainful employment.

Clients gain marketable keyboard and Microsoft Office skills at the on-site computer lab or remotely using our specially configured computers, Internet access devices, and peripherals. There is an advanced technology that allows the firm to serve clients, whether they live 10 or 1000 miles away. They carefully monitor training with their custom protocols and software. They are also face-to-face daily with their clients throughout the program to provide counseling and placement support no matter where they live.

Vocamotive clients learn how to look for a job under the direct supervision of rehabilitation counseling, human resource, and job development professionals at the on-site training center or remotely, and are side-by-side with them until restoration to the workplace is complete.

Vocational Assessments for Workers' Compensation in Lombard, Illinois

Vocamotive works for Petitioner and Respondent in equal measure Their commitment is to provide objective analysis, credible vocational opinions put people to work. When the injured worker benefits from vocational rehabilitation, all stakeholders in the system realize the return on investment.