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Trying to open new doors in your profession?

Want to impress recruiters with your skills, strengths and experience?

Having a well-written, professionally-designed résumé is one of the best ways to take the next step in your career and land your dream position.

Founded in 1992, Vocamotive is a specialist vocational service that’s dedicated to helping individuals fulfil their employment dreams with the right tools needed to succeed. Our professional services include the creation of high-quality, expertly-written résumés and LinkedIn profiles, created from start to finish to highlight what makes our clients the perfect candidates for recruiters.

Our team of résumé writers and LinkedIn profile creators are experts in their field, working to exceptional standards with clients around the world to deliver remarkable quality résumés for professionals and executives in all industries. When you consult Vocamotive during your résumé writing process, you get advice, support and guidance from an expert writer that is:

• Nationally Certified
• Skilled
• Diligent
• Experienced
• Innovative
• Professional

Whether you’re after more interviews, employment offers from recruiters, or a chance to be heard in the crowded recruitment market, Vocamotive can help with résumé creation to the latest industry standards. Contact our team of experienced writers today and see for yourself how our tried and test combination of modern technical strategies and traditional practices can help you to succeed.

Our Core Clients Are Career Growth Focused

In the many years since Vocamotive began producing professional résumés for clients, we’ve impressed organizations the world over. Our quality work has helped professionals and executives in many fields to find and secure their dream jobs. Just some of the clients that we’ve previously worked with, include:

  • Young Professionals
  • Senior Management
  • Middle Management
  • Directors
  • Advanced Professionals
  • C-Level Executives
  • Experienced Professionals

No matter whether you’re just starting out in your chosen industry as a young professional, or you already have years of experience under your belt, we can help you to fine-tune your résumé and professional profiles to show recruiters exactly what you have to offer.

What Vocamotive Can Do for You

The range of career services that we provide at Vocamotive can help to improve your chances of landing an interview and increase the number of offers that you receive from recruiters. Our writers can assist with multiple areas of job search documents and help you to develop your professional network. Some of our main services, include:

• Résumé Creation for Executives and Professionals
We create strong, well-written résumés based on the individual strengths and skills of the clients that we work with. All the résumés that we create are to an exceptional standard and are designed to get results and exceed expectations. Each résumé is compliant with Application Tracking Software (ATS) and is produced to National Résumé Writers’ Association (NRWA) standards.

• Professional Correspondence
Vocamotive specialize in more than just superior résumé creation. Our experienced team can also work with you to produce quality thank you letters, follow up correspondence, and cover letters that will ensure your job search goes from strength to strength.

• Concierge Services and Career Coaching
Our employment specialists can be by your side at every step of your job search, so you always have professional input when you need it. The additional services that we can provide, include:

• Professional Networking
• Management for Job Searches
• Coaching

Each service is tailored to your exact requirements, for personalized support during your job search.

• LinkedIn Profile Creation
Professionally written and perfectly optimized, our LinkedIn profiles are designed to attract the best kind of attention. If you need help building a professional network to further your career goals, then our writers are always on hand to help.

If you’re tired of struggling to create the perfect résumé, then allow our team to take the stress off your shoulders and produce it for you. By working with one of our writers, you can create a standout résumé that reflects what makes you unique.

Résumé Writing Pricing

The custom service that we provide here at Vocamotive is designed to center around you as an individual, which means that you’ll always get a tailored, personal service with one of our professional writers. Due to the uniqueness of each of our client needs, we price our résumé and LinkedIn profile writing services based on the scope of each project and the career level.

When you contact our writing team, you’ll be offered a free consultation, where our writers will be able to get a scope of your writing requirements and learn more about what you want to get out of our vocational services. After the consultation, we’ll be able to provide a quote on the final price of the project.

After getting a price quote from one of our friendly team, you can purchase the services you require via PayPal below; simply add the custom payment amount and click ‘update’ to make the payment.

Call or contact Vocamotive today to learn more about our comprehensive transitions services and we will show you the possibilities!