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Vocational Rehabilitation Services Can Help You Land the Job

Vocamotive Jan. 28, 2019

Vocational Rehabilitation Services – The Next Step

These days, you never have to navigate the complicated job market alone. If you’re looking to:

  • Explore the job opportunities open to you

  • Prepared to take the next step in your career

  • Return to employment after a leave of absence

Vocamotive’s Vocational Rehabilitation services can help you!

Modern-day vocational rehabilitation services are targeted at every area of employment, from: identifying opportunities and preparing for job applications, to building a professional network online. If you’ve been unexpectedly left looking for a new career or just need guidance with your career journey, here’s how vocational rehabilitation services can help you to get to grips with today’s job market and land a new job:

Professional Resume Writing Service Providers

-Resume Creation

-Resume Updating

-Resume Editing 

An updated resume is a crucial document to have during any type of job search, as it effectively acts as an advertisement for your skill set, abilities, past work history, and achievements. However, creating, revising, or updating a resume alone is not always an easy task, especially if you haven’t applied for a job recently. Recruiters look for well-written and well-edited resumes, which is a key area where vocational rehabilitation services can help you.

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With the help of professional, certified writers and experts in career development, you can create an exceptional resume that’s guaranteed to impress recruiters. By gaining a full understanding of your background, your appointed professional resume writer will be able to turn all the vital information about your history into a document that’s designed to show off your strengths.

A well-written, correctly formatted resume, that’s updated to show your latest work history and achievements, will be an invaluable document to have during your job search.

Professional LinkedIn Profile Services 

  • LinkedIn Profile Creation

  • LinkedIn Profile Editing

  • LinkedIn Profile Updates

  • LinkedIn Profile Enhancement

These days, having a strong online presence on LinkedIn, plays a very important role in finding new job opportunities and getting interviews.

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Having a strong LinkedIn profile will make you visible to an extensive number of recruiters from every industry. LinkedIn is also the place to be for professional job listings from top businesses and brands from around the world.

Vocational rehabilitation services can help you to build a professional profile, displaying your skills for the world to see. Through a professional  LinkedIn Profile Editing Service, you’re guaranteed excellent LinkedIn profile quality. LinkedIn Profile writing services that will enhance your strengths, highlights your attributes to attract employers, provides a platform for endorsements, and ensures that your information is optimized for your chosen industry field.
Once you have an exceptional LinkedIn profile in place, you can start building professional business connections, and sign up to groups dedicated to your chosen profession. In the long-term, keeping your LinkedIn profile updated will allow you to remain visible to recruiters, and enable you to share your latest achievements with the professional world.

Job Hunting Tools

Job hunting can be incredibly challenging if you haven’t had much experience with the job market in recent years. The whole process can be made significantly easier when you have reliable advice from professionals in the field of employment and recruiting. Vocational rehabilitation services can provide all the tools that you need to find a new job, and then support you during the application and interview processes.

The job-hunting tools provided in vocational rehabilitation will give you professional advice and guidance on how to use the most effective techniques for finding new job opportunities. Support will be provided at every stage to help you manage interviews and learn how recruiters and hiring managers think and behave.

Through vocational rehabilitation services, you’ll also be able to gain access to job search workshops that will help you to learn how to apply for jobs, and placement and skills training that’ll provide support, progress tracking, and guidance in identifying the best jobs available.

Document Creation Services for Employment

Throughout a job search, you’ll need to provide a number of important documents that’ll be essential to further your job hunt and secure a new job. These documents can range from your resume, to cover letters, thank you letters, and all other forms of professional correspondence. To maintain a consistent professional voice throughout every correspondence, vocational rehabilitation services can really come in handy.

In the same way that a professional writer can create a high-quality, and expertly finished resume, vocational document creation services can also provide other professional documents that you’ll need during your job search. Each document will reflect exactly what you hope to achieve out of each stage of your job search, with a professional voice that’ll show how dedicated you are in taking the next step in your career.

Computer Training Skills

Computer skills are a highly-valuable asset to have when applying for jobs and maintaining your online professional profiles, and once you’ve landed a new job. If your ability to use a computer is standing in the way of securing the job that you’ve been searching for, then vocational rehabilitation is one of the best services that you can turn to.

Through a carefully-designed computer training program, you have the opportunity to obtain the essentials that you’ll need to secure a new job. Classes can cover everything from using Microsoft software training, to how to create emails and use the internet to maximize your job search potential.

Computer training can include the basics of how to use a computer, and more advanced computer skills that will further enhance your skill set & job search. Each computer training course is customized to your current skill level, so you can upgrade your skills quickly and efficiently to be ready to dive straight into new employment opportunities.

Would you like help taking the next step in your career or need assistance with re-joining the workforce? Vocamotive provide a range of professional vocational rehabilitation services to help you open-up new opportunities in your job search and take you one step closer to landing your dream position.

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