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Using a Vocational Rehabilitation Service to Craft Your Career Path

Vocamotive Dec. 28, 2015

Vocational rehabilitation helps those who are actively looking for employment opportunities become more employable. When you use a vocational service, you receive the tools, skills and career guidance you need to help you land a job that would be perfect for you in the long run. Vocational rehabilitation services can be utilized by anyone who is seeking professional career guidance.

A vocational rehabilitation service can help you create a detailed career plan — a plan that will help you prepare for your new career in every step along the way. When using a vocational service, you will learn how to best fill out job applications and how to create a winning résumé, how to effectively search for jobs that are right for you and your skills, how to land job interviews and react to interview questions, and how to make the right decisions when searching for your new career.

When you use a vocational service, you will also receive sensible advice on how your temperament, personality and skills would match a specific job or positions. You will receive customized personality and skill testing to determine the best job fit for you in the long run.
After being evaluated and tested, you can choose to receive one or more of the following vocational services:

  • Advice and guidance on how to effectively look for jobs

  • Cover letter and résumé writing

  • In-depth career analysis

  • Internship and career development aid

  • Advice on how to transition into another career or industry

  • Job placement instruction

  • Labor market survey results

  • Basic software training (such as Microsoft Office)

  • Career guidance for those who speak English as a second language

  • And more

We are also prepared to answer any questions you may have while looking for and obtaining gainful employment.

Vocational Rehabilitation Service Chicago

Vocamotive understands that many people are never taught how to choose a career that properly matches their lifestyle, temperament and skill set. That’s why vocational services exist; to give job seekers a hand in finding a career that is truly right for them, and to give them a leg up when searching and interviewing for that perfect job.

While Vocamotive specializes in helping those with disabilities, workers who have been injured on the job, and older workers, we also extend our services to anyone else who is looking to make a career change or may simply need the tools they need to land a great job.
Vocamotive offers a large array of vocational rehabilitation services, including resume creation and job search support, career consulting, and career transition assistance. We employ a proven and effective job seeking process that will help you develop your employment goals and obtain a great job.

If you’re looking for a professional vocational service in the Chicago or Hinsdale, Illinois area, look no further! We are based out of Hinsdale, Illinois, and we’re excited to talk to you about your career goals. Give us a call today, or fill out this contact form and we’ll be in touch.

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