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Top Jobs Skills to Have in Your Career Tool Box in 2021 & Beyond

Vocamotive July 14, 2021

Prepare your CV for the future by learning about all of the career job skills that the employers of tomorrow will be looking for to give you a competitive edge over the competition.  

The professional world is constantly changing, and with it are the mindset of companies and their hiring teams. Different skills and assets are becoming more desired, and if you don’t possess them, you may have to kiss that job opportunity goodbye. A study by SHRM showed that HR managers and recruiting teams view gaps in skill sets as one of the biggest concerns and red flags when recruiting future prospects. With a constant change in recruitment, we are beginning to see a shift in what HR managers consider is a priority for the job. More and more jobs are requiring employees to have technical skills while the development of soft skills is slowly being lost in the rearview mirror.

As you prepare to get out there and be the leaders of tomorrow, it has never been more critical to be away from the skills that are in high demand for the future of work. Keep reading because we are going to share with you some of the most important skills that you need to have in your toolbox before venturing out into the workforce.

Innovation and Creativity Job Skills

Technology is taking over almost every industry, so it is crucial that you are always on your toes remaining creative and innovative. When we were younger, we were asked to think outside of the box countless times, and now more than ever, it is a skill that you need to succeed. When you gain this ability to see things in a different way, you will be able to be innovative and creative, allowing yourself to stand out above the rest.
Did you know that according to LinkedIn, one of the most respected social platforms in the professional world, creativity is the most important skill in the world. It is because technology is replacing many of the regular, process-related work that doesn’t need a creative mind to perform tasks. Unfortunately, when people hear the word creative, referring to the professional world, they automatically think about the arts. You could be horrible at drawing, painting, singing, etc., and still, be creative.

Creativity is the ability to think of new ways to make something that once was mundane into something that stands out. Be creative, challenge the status quo, and try new things!

Problem-Solving & Critical Thinking – Essential Career Job Skills

One of the best things about a job that you love is that it is always pushing you to think and problem solve. Problem-solving and critical thinking are skills that are becoming more and more important in the workforce. According to the World Economic Forum, at least 1 in 3 jobs are requiring these essential skills. While certain professions like engineering require critical thinking every day, they are not the only ones. Almost every job is now requiring their employees to think on their own and problem solve when issues arrive. Not only will possessing these skills help you inside, and outside of your job, it will also show employers that you are willing to go the extra mile to advance in your current position!

Growth Mindset

Always thinking about growing is following from the 2 points that were already mentioned above. In the constantly changing professional career environment, it is always crucial that you are able to pivot quickly. Having a growth mindset is being able to constantly improve so that you can be great at any challenge that you face.


As new generations are entering the workforce, it is essential to show that you are able to take responsibility, step up to the plate, and be the leaders of the future. Critical skills that come alongside leadership consist of:

  • Public speaking

  • Delegating

  • Communication

  • Making decisions on the spot

Show HR and recruiters that you do not shy away from challenges and that you are able to work in harmony with everyone on your team. Taking charge is one of the greatest skills that you can possess within the workforce.

Interpersonal Skills

Even though the future work faces so many different changes on the technology front, it’s crucial to remember that you are still around others, and you need to be able to connect with those you work with. The ability to communicate effectively can be the difference between an employee and a manager. Whether it’s communicating with your co-workers, customers, or clients, interpersonal communication skills is something you absolutely need.

Willingness to Learn

It is a common feeling to think that you know everything and that there is nothing much more for you to learn, but trust us, there is. Employers want to be able to groom you for the position they hire you so that eventually you can grow and reach a higher potential. But, before any of this happens, you need to be willing to learn. Listen to your employers, ask questions, show that you are dedicated to making a difference within the company.


This is one of the most important skills that recruiters are looking for in a candidate, the ability to persevere no matter what challenges they are faced with. When anything is thrown at you, you are able to overcome it and keep on moving forward, putting one foot in front of the other and getting the job done.

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