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The Modern-Day Hiring Process & How it Works

Vocamotive Dec. 21, 2020

Modern-Day Hiring Processes

Over the years, the hiring process has transformed dramatically due to technological advancements. Things like video interviewing, advanced interview software, online applications, and social media job search sites have changed how people worldwide hunt for employment and get hired.
You now have what seems like a million ways to search for a job, but how do you navigate it properly so that you have the best chances to get hired? We at Vocamotive boast a team of professionals here to help you through the entire process to ensure that you have the most experience and qualifications to get you that position.

Application Process

Each company has a unique way for an applicant to apply, but more and more companies take advantage of the applicant tracking system (ATS). The ATS takes information from the applicants and organizes it into a database to easily navigate through qualified professionals. It is essential that you put relevant and vital information like work history, education, and references. You can also link professional social accounts that you have such as LinkedIn,
When hunting for jobs, it is important to read how they complete their application process thoroughly. Some companies require applicants to submit their resume and cover letter through email, and other employers still favor applicants applying in person. Contact Vocamotive if you are unsure about the application process for a potential job, and we can assist you in filling out information that is most relevant.

Professionally Written & Formatted Resume / CV

The number one goal of those searching for employment is getting an interview and then the job. Your resume needs to:

  • Stand out above the rest

  • Pass applicant tracking systems

  • Show off your skills and value

A poorly written and formatted resume and CV can end up leaving them at the bottom of the pile. Choosing the right format and the best information to put in it is a stressful and difficult decision; that is why you need to consider hiring professional career assistance & writing services like Vocamotive. Our team of experienced and certified experts will help you create the ideal resume and CV designed to give you the best opportunity for success.

What to Include on Your Resume and Cover Letter

Technical vs Non-Technical Skills and Education

On your resume and cover letter, it is essential to list the right qualifications for the job you are applying for. Technical education and technical degrees are aimed more at jobs in the IT, actuarial science, aerospace engineering, and neurology sectors. Technical skills are:

  • Algorithms

  • Analytical Skills

  • Calculating

  • Compiling Statistics

  • Data Analytics

  • Data Mining

  • Database Management

  • Documentation

  • Modification

  • Quantitative Research

  • Quantitative Reports

  • Statistical Analysis

Non-technical skills and degrees are based on cognitive, social, and emotional abilities. If you are a people person and have a degree in something related to interacting with others, then these types of jobs are more for you.

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The Importance of Cover Letters & Job Search Document Creation Services

Cover letters and job search documentation is more than just a custom of applying for a job. These are opportunities for you to impress employees and give them another reason to hire you. Resumes accompanied by cover letters are more likely to be chosen and provide the best first impression.
A compelling cover letter allows you to highlight your unique skills and experience that gives you an edge over other candidates. The way you word your cover letter is different from that of your resume, and that is why they are so valuable. Your wording tone shows employers who you are by explaining why you are the best applicant through your own words.

The Job Interview Process

Meeting with potential employers can be short or long. It is crucial to be confident, outgoing, and professional. You may be interviewed several times before receiving an offer or rejection, so you need to be prepared for:

  • Background checks

  • Reference checks

  • Criminal record checks

Keep in mind that each company has its own strategies, and you must be equipped with all of the tools beforehand. At Vocamotive, we provide job interview preparation services where we will coach you through the most effective ways to conduct yourself during your interview to help you stand out.

During the Interview

The time has come to showcase your talents and prove to the person evaluating your interview why they should choose you. Interviews can be stressful, but you need to be confident. During the interview, you should expect to be asked questions regarding your past work experience, why you are qualified for the position, and how you can make a difference within their company.

The Job Offer

After the interviews and background checks, hopefully, a job offer comes. You will be either contacted directly or via email, so after the interview process is over, be attentive to all your forms of communication. 

Salary Negotiations

After receiving a job offer, it will be time to get into your contract’s specific details. Typically an employer will discuss the salary during the interview and whether or not it is set or open to negotiations. When talking about salary negotiations, know your worth and follow some of these essential tips:

Be Kind But Firm

After a job offer at a salary that is lower than you want, stick to your number and discuss why you deserve more in a friendly and professional manner.

Don’t Mention Personal Needs

Talk about your performance and achievements; this builds more of a case for higher wages over personal conflicts that push you to ask for more money.

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