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The 5 Best Santa Profiles According to This Linked in Expert

Vocamotive Dec. 19, 2016

‘Tis the season for holiday merriment, spending time with loved ones, gift-giving, and …hiring Santa Clause.
Every winter, thousands of entertainment professionals and others who simply like spreading Christmas cheer eagerly await the chance to compete for Santa gigs at shopping malls, promotional events, and even private gatherings around the western world. As LinkedIn has long been the dominant professional networking site, savvy Santas everywhere set up attractive profiles to draw attention from representatives of the most prestigious (and highest-paying) institutions.

As a résumé and profile writing expert who spends much of the year assisting high-powered executives and other advanced professionals, I wanted to take a short break from my more serious work in order to provide some well-deserved praise to a few St. Nick impressionists who spent just enough time away from the toy-making shop to sprinkle some Christmas cheer into their LinkedIn profiles.
In order to keep my name off next year’s naughty list, I have chosen to refrain from providing critiques, and instead to focus on elements from 5 Santa profiles which I think work given the spirited nature of their profession. I hope you are all able to take away some valuable information, whether you are using your LinkedIn profiles to become the next Kris Kringle or pursue more “ordinary” vocations.

  1. Ed Taylor (“Santa” Ed)

    Favorite Profile Element: Name and Headline
    Reason: Ed’s listed name includes both his real name and the name by which he goes in his career. This is helpful when people search for him via LinkedIn. Furthermore, his headline, “Hollywood’s “Go-To” Santa Claus- Actor/TVGuest/Improv/Storyteller/Professional Speaker/Author/Video Producer,” is distinctive and gives readers a good sense of his professional capabilities.

  2. TheRealBlack Santa

    Favorite Profile Element: Profile Picture
    Reason: This Santa’s profile picture really stood out to me, and not for the reasons you might think. TheRealBlack Santa did an exceptional job of combining the elements of a professional headshot (warm smile, direct gaze, etc.) with a seasonally appropriate backdrop. To top it off, his choice of apparel perfectly combined traditional Santa attire with a unique, dare I say modern, look.

  3. Santa Claus Allen

    Favorite Profile Element: Recommendations Section
    Reason: The recommendations section is one that is often neglected by LinkedIn users. Some may think it is too awkward or time-consuming to ask people for a quick written recommendation. However, doing so can speak volumes for a job applicant. Upon viewing this section on Santa Claus Allen’s profile, it was easy to see that he is beloved by clients and coworkers alike.

  4. Michael J. McCain

    Favorite Profile Element: Summary Section
    Reason: An effective summary is one of the 3 most important aspects of a good LinkedIn profile. There is not only one “right way” of constructing it, but it should provide a compelling narrative, be rich with keywords, and feel authentic. Michael McCain’s summary did an excellent job of providing a professional overview with a personal touch.

  5. Kraig Haybarker

    Favorite Profile Element: Well-rounded and Complete
    Reason: Though filling out sections correctly, strategically presenting information, and writing with skill and precision is important, one should not neglect the many sections LinkedIn provides to expound upon yourself as a holistic candidate. Kraig Haybarker clearly took the time to fill out all of the sections which were applicable to him, and he gives viewers of his profile a multidimensional understanding of his background.
    We hope you enjoyed this article and feel free to share it with your network. The Vocamotive team wishes you a Happy Holiday Season. May it be filled with warmth, good tidings, joy and love!

About the Author:

Adam Zajac, NCRW is Head Résumé and LinkedIn Profile Writer and Executive Recruitment Strategist for Vocamotive, Inc. He is 1 of only 54 Nationally Certified Résumé Writers in North America and is an expert career development professional with over 11 years of industry experience. As a proud member of the National Résumé Writers’ Association and leader of the career development team at Vocamotive, he has successfully assisted thousands of job seekers, career changers, and business executives achieve their professional goals throughout the United States.
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