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Resumes & LinkedIn Profiles – They’re Not Just for Job Search

Vocamotive July 24, 2020

Recently, I had an individual contact me for services to improve their LinkedIn profile not for job search services, but to advance their current work.
Speaking with this individual made me think back on all the projects (both LinkedIn and resume related) that I’ve worked on for individuals that had NO plans to job search.
The fact is that resumes and LinkedIn profiles are more than just for job search. Below are 5 reasons someone may hire a writer such as myself to optimize their professional brand.

Optimized Business Activities:

For individuals that frequently engage with clients, stakeholders, vendors, etc. outside their own company, your LinkedIn profile or resume may be the first place these individuals look to get a sense of who you are, what you do, and whether or not they wish to engage in further conversation.
The profiles of individuals in outside/inside sales, account management, marketing, recruitment, company leadership, and many other roles may be subject to such scrutiny on a routine basis.
We have also had companies contact us to create resumes and LinkedIn profiles for their team as part of a contract bid, sales pitch, accreditation, and many other related situations.
In all these situations, investing in your resume and LinkedIn profile can yield high ROI in terms of new sales, contracts, partnerships, etc.

Small Business Owner:

Small business owners are in unique positions given that they must represent their business and themselves well in order to succeed.
Let’s say for example that you’re vying for a large project. As a small business owner both your business and your personal background will be under consideration to determine whether or not you’re the best fit for that project.
As a result, we often have small business owners reach out to create a strong professional brand for marketing and business purposes that is interconnected with their company and that spans across their resume, LinkedIn profile, professional biographies, and other critical touch points.

Internal Advancement:

When you’re up for an internal promotion or have a performance review around the corner, you may be feeling the pressure to present yourself and your accomplishments well in order to put your best foot forward.
Resume and LinkedIn processes typically entail detailed research into your most recent positions to identify your key successes and data-driven impacts on an organization. This also just so happens to be the exact type of information you may need to highlight in order to spur growth with your current organization.
For these reasons, optimizing your resume and LinkedIn can help you avoid the job search process and instead, remind your company of all that you have done to impact their bottom line.

Board of Directors Consideration:

Leaders at advanced stages of their career may seek out board of directors opportunities that require an application process. Because a board role is not a standard position and the application process differs from a typical job search, the types of documentation and branding needed to be successful in securing such opportunities have different requirements.
Our executive leaders that go after board opportunities typically come to us for specialized resume and LinkedIn services that will call to attention a different set of strengths to position them for a foray in the boardroom as opposed to their next executive position.

Miscellaneous Education, Business & Personal Reasons:

In addition to the reasons reviewed above, clients also reach out to resume and LinkedIn profile writers for a variety of other reasons.

I have developed resumes and LinkedIn profiles for:

  • Subject matter experts with a large public presence

  • Students pursuing acceptance into prestigious higher education programs

  • Individuals providing expert courtroom testimony

  • Professionals applying for business loans, licenses, veteran owned business status, franchise opportunities, etc.

  • And many other situations!


Presenting a polished professional brand across your resume, LinkedIn, and other critical touch points is beneficial for far more reasons than just job search.
Professional writers and branding experts are well practiced in ensuring you are positioned appropriately for whatever your goals may be.

*About the Author:

Brittney Beck-Ripley, NCRW, NCOPE

is a Senior Résumé and LinkedInProfile Writer at Vocamotive with a focus on career development strategy for her clients. She is one of less than 60 Nationally Certified Résumé Writers (NCRW’s) in the country and holds an additional certification in LinkedIn profile writing (NCOPE). She has an education in strategic communications from Butler University, as well as considerable experience in writing, career coaching, and personal branding. Brittney is passionate about assisting her clients achieve their professional goals and the materials she creates quickly result in interview opportunities. Her dedication to her craft and expert business writing abilities result in a wide variety of top-tier products.

Obtain professional Résumé and LinkedIn profile writing assistance by contacting Brittney directly or visiting Vocamotive’s website to schedule a free consultation.

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