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Professional Resume Writing Services – What’s the Long Term Return on Investment?

Vocamotive July 30, 2019

The ROI of Professional Resume Writing Services

No matter what you’re investing in, you want it to deliver a return; this is especially the case when you’re investing in yourself and your career!
During a job search you might make a number of key investments to improve your chances of success. You may purchase a new dress or suit for the interview or get a haircut. Then there are the long-term investments into your career, like getting a degree.

Investing in a professional resume writing service is one of the best investments that you could make to further your job search. A professional resume can mean all the difference between landing the job of your dreams next week or waiting around on the job market for months!

Using a resume writing service makes financial sense, and here are six benefits of a professional resume that prove it:

1. No More Wasted Opportunities – A Professional Resume Allows You to Act Now

If you’ve been monitoring new job opportunities for a while now, then the chances are, you’ve seen at least one or two perfect jobs come and go. Lack of confidence in your resume and not applying to jobs because of it, and applying for jobs, only for your resume to let you down, has exactly the same outcome: no job.
A professional resume writing service will give you an optimized resume for the job you’re looking for and the confidence to apply for it the moment it appears. With a professional resume, there’ll be less chance of letting amazing opportunities slip through your fingers!
The first return on investment is the ability to get a job that you really want.

2. Less Time Transitioning Careers Means More Money in the Bank

Another way to look at the return on investment of resume writing services is a reduction in salary losses. Every day that you’re unemployed is a day that you’re not earning anything. A professional resume writing service may look like a big investment at first, but when you factor in how much money you could be losing out on because of an unsuitable resume, the initial investment will start to become very insignificant.
Even if a professional resume shortens your job search by just a couple of months, then that’s thousands of dollars saved! If you compare doing nothing to getting a new resume and a new job, the financial difference is enormous!
The second return on investment is potentially thousands of dollars more money.

3. Professional Resume Writing Is A Small Price to Pay for Landing a Long-Term Position

Can you really put a value on financial stability? Paying for a professional resume now will help you to secure your income for years. One of the greatest benefits of a professional resume is that you’re much more likely to get interviews, which means that you’ll have a greater flexibility to pick and choose a job that you know you’re going to want to stay at for the foreseeable future.
The third return on investment is a regular salary.

4. A High-Quality Resume Can Lead to an Increase in Salary

Perhaps you need a new resume to showcase your talents and experience in order to move up the career ladder. Well, a professional resume will do just that! In much the same way that you wouldn’t attempt to fix an engine fault on your car with no previous experience of engines, you’re not going to get the same degree of result writing your resume as a professional would.
Think about the jump in salary that a new job could deliver; once you take the cost of a new resume off, how much more will you still be earning in the first month, the first six months, and the first year? It’s likely to be quite a substantial sum!
The fourth return on investment is a higher salary and easier career progression.

5. A Professional Resume Will Help You to Master the Job Interview Process

A professional resume is the key to landing more interviews. The more interviews, the better the chances are that one, you’ll get a job with a decent salary, and two, you’ll get a job that you actually want.
When you get multiple interviews, you’ll have more room to negotiate your salary. Having a professional resume will also give you more confidence going into the interview, as you’ll know that you’ve already made a good first impression. After the first couple of interviews, you’ll start to feel comfortable with the interview process!
The fifth return on investment is interview confidence and better ground for negotiating.

6. Once a Resume Has Been Professionally Written, It Can Be Used Multiple Times

A professional resume isn’t just a tool to land a new job now, but a way to keep your career options open for many years. Your resume may need a little updating every now and again, and slight adjustments if you decide to branch out into a different industry, but once you’ve made the investment once, the resume is yours to use again and again, for however many times you fancy changing careers or moving up the career ladder.
The sixth return on investment is an endless return on investment!

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