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Modern Day Job Interview Tips – Do’s & Dont’s

Vocamotive June 26, 2019

Job Interview Tips – Do’s & Dont’s

If it’s been a while since you last had to interview for a job, then it’s natural to feel a little out of practice. Perhaps you’ve had a few interviews recently that haven’t gone well, or maybe you’re looking to change career, whatever the reason you find yourself having to face an interview, it’s important not to worry!
Here are 10 do’s & don’ts + one bonus tip for modern day job interviews, to make your next interview a success:

1.) Do Research the Interviewers and Organization Before Attending the Interview

Going into a job interview with knowledge of who’s interviewing you and their background will help you to feel more confident and make a good first impression. Equally, do some research on LinkedIn about the company you’re interviewing for – it’s always better to be prepared.

Don’t Lie During Your Interview

It’s just as easy for interviewers to research you as it is for you to research them. In this day and age, where most professionals have a very visible online presence, you can easily be caught out in a lie.

2.) Do Arrive Prepared for the Job Interview

Failing to prepare for your interview is setting yourself up to fail. Make sure that you dress appropriately, bring a pen and notepad, and don’t forget any documents you need.

Don’t  Arrive at the Interview Late

The worst first impression is no first impression! Never arrive to an interview late and always give yourself extra time to get there – you can even practice the route in advance.

3.) Do Expect to be Tested

Modern day interviews often involve testing, so be prepared to produce a sample of your work – this is a chance to show off your skills!

Don’t Assume that Everything Will Fall into Place on the Day

Never try to wing-it during an interview. If you prepare for the worst and hope for the best, you’ll be covered on all fronts. Have answers about your future plans ready and be prepared to talk about your skills and experience.

4.) Do Prepare for a Phone or Video Interview

Phone and video interviews are very common these days. There’s a chance that at least one interview may be through these mediums, so make sure you’re ready. Find a quiet space for the interview, make sure you know how to use the platform the interview will be on, and tell the interviewer if you can’t hear them!

Don’t Think That Phone or Video Interviews are Informal

A video or phone interview can be just as formal as a face-to-face interview. Don’t interrupt the interviewer, don’t multitask, and never take the call while you’re in a public place.

5.) Do Prepare Questions in Advance to Ask the Interviewer

A job interview isn’t a one-way conversation, it requires participation from all parties. Ask questions about the company that’ll help you to determine whether it’s the right fit for you and take the opportunity to learn more about who you could be working for.

Don’t Ask the Interviewer Anything Inappropriate

Asking questions in an interview is great, but you should always avoid inappropriate topics. Don’t talk about benefits, salaries, or perks, and don’t tell jokes or ask personal questions.

6.) Do Behave Professionally During the Interview

Fidgeting, eating, and smoking are all things to avoid during an interview. Make sure you present yourself professionally, never interrupt the interviewer, and always make eye contact.

Don’t Stay Silent

If you’re not sure about a question or if you can’t hear properly, then it’s always best to speak up. Try to expand your answers without going into an unneeded amount of detail – don’t stick to ‘yes’ and ‘no’ answers!

7.) Do Show Your Enthusiasm for the Position and Organization

Enthusiasm and confidence can get you a long way in an interview. Show how interested you are in the job and how excited you are about the organization, with a clear and confident voice.

Don’t Act Desperate or Disinterested

Make sure you demonstrate that you value the opportunity to be interviewed, without undervaluing your skills by seeming desperate for the job.

8.) Do Speak About Yourself Positively

Never speak about yourself in a negative way. Present your skills positively and talk about how you’re overcoming weaknesses.

Don’t Speak About Past Employers Negatively

Talking about past employers in a negative way, even jokingly, is a definite thing to avoid during an interview.

9.) Do Remember That There’s a Reason You Got the Interview

If the interviewer(s) didn’t already think you had something to offer, you wouldn’t have gotten the interview! You just need to maintain a positive image, not create it.

Don’t Worry If One Question Goes Badly

It’s unlikely that you’ll fail an interview if a single question goes badly. Move on after a bad question and stay confident, if the rest go well, then the bad question won’t define the whole interview.

10.) Do End the Interview on the Right Note

Make sure that you express how interested you are in the job at the end of the interview and show your readiness to provide extra information if required.

Don’t Forget to Follow Up After the Interview

If you were unable to take notes during the interview, then write down anything important afterwards. It’s important to follow-up with the interviewers after your interview; send a personalized thank you email to the people who interviewed you and to the person who arranged it.

Utilize Vocational Rehabilitation Services If You Require Additional Assistance

If you’re worried about upcoming interviews or unsure whether you’ll be able to showcase your skills in the right light, then you can get help. Vocamotive provides a range of vocational rehabilitation services that can help you to improve your interviewing skills and better manage your interviews and overall job search progress.

Enlisting the help of the professionals before your next job interview – or even their help securing your next interview – will make you feel confident, prepared, and ready to tackle a modern-day job interview!

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