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Maximize Your Personal Brand Exposure

Vocamotive Sept. 16, 2021

Obtain Your Desired Career Position by Synching your Professionally Written Resume & Optimized LinkedIn Profile

Building your very own personal brand will do wonders in your journey to advancing in a career that you love while providing you with a wide array of exciting opportunities. More and more companies are expecting their future employers to have a solid personal brand and public profile. They want to quickly discover why you are the right fit for the job while having all of the information needed right in front of them. Therefore, when you want to advance professionally, it is in your best interest to promote who you are and why you stand out above the crowd.

Why Do You Need a Personal Brand in Today’s Job Market?

Showing who you are through different media outlets may seem like an odd thing to do, but your personal brand is essential for “showing” yourself off and the expertise that you bring to the table. Marketing yourself allows others to see who you are, what your goals are, your drive and dedication, what you are capable of doing, and your accomplishments. In addition, branding who you are will give you the extra bump needed to find a new job and stay relevant in your work.

It’s Not as Simple as Looking at A Piece of Paper…

Whether you hand-deliver your CV or resume or send it electronically, it doesn’t stop there. Recruiters have the job of finding the ideal candidate for new positions, and while your resume may say a bit about you, they want to know the whole story. Like you, recruiters are constantly surfing the web in search of potential applicants. When you have a solid personal brand, sometimes you don’t have to search for job opportunities; they come for you. A strong personal brand will allow recruiters to easily find you in search engines, possibly presenting you with the chance of a lifetime.

Don’t Wait for Future Employers, Show Them Who You Are Right Away.

You can have the most experience in the world, excellent references, and an impressive resume, but what is it worth if you don’t take the initiative and market yourself? Future employers don’t want to look for a reason to hire you; they want to see them with their own eyes. Creating a personal brand shows them that you care about your specialty and that you have a master plan when it comes to achieving your goals.

‘Be the Brand’ – Show Why You Are the One They Should Hire

Your personal brand is essentially a billboard showing your skills and experience. Like a billboard, your personal brand constantly changes, tells new stories, explains who you are, and demonstrates your values and beliefs. There is no more “this is the way that I used to do it, and it worked” anymore. The time to showcase your talents is now, and they deserve to be seen.

How Vocamotive Maximizes Your Personal Brand Exposure

Vocamotive assists professionals at every level. Located in Lombard, IL we prepare people for professional opportunities locally & nationally. Opportunities are everywhere and you need to have all of the tools in your belt to ensure you have the best chance.
At Vocamotive, Career Coaching Services Agency in Chicagoland, we work one-on-one to gain an understanding of who you are and what your personal brand should look like. From there, we will work with you to develop your cover letter, resume, and LinkedIn profile in-synch together.

Award-Winning Resume and Cover Letter Services

Your resume is one of the first things potential employers will look at. It needs to clearly outline relevant work experience, certifications, education, and skills. Our services ensure that a clean, engaging resume protects your personal brand.

Create a Strong Online Presence with An Executive Level Linked in Profile

LinkedIn is rapidly becoming a needed asset in the search for new career opportunities. Whether it be searching for jobs or wanting to be recognized by recruiters, a well-written LinkedIn profile is vital for your personal brand.
Your LinkedIn Profile allows you to add your cover letter and resume, so that companies can easily see your professional history. However, it does so much more than that. While you are constantly on a professional journey, LinkedIn is there to document it.

Profile Update Consistency is the Key to Synching Your Offline Resume Documentation & Online Personal Brand on LinkedIn to Gain Maximum Exposure

Constantly updating your profile shows recruiters that you take a true passion in your career and that you are always willing to learn more, strive for greatness, and keep moving forward. Designing an influential LinkedIn profile and knowing how to use it to your advantage takes expertise, and our team at Vocamotive can take you from being a beginner to an expert in no time. For Professionally Certified Resume LinkedIn profile writing services or assistance, contact Vocamotive.

Open New Doors for Your Personal Brand with Vocamotive

Experienced Personal Branding & Career Coaching Services – Based in Chicagoland for all Professional Levels

At Vocamotive we are the most experienced career coaches in Chicago for all professional levels. Our team consists of trained, certified, and educated coaches who walk you through your personal brand’s different levels and what needs to be done to improve it.
We do whatever it takes to ensure that you are presented with all of the information and services you need to make a splash in the market. After helping hundreds of professionals like you, you can have the confidence you need to allow us to make a difference in your life. There are thousands of new and exciting career opportunities, contact Vocamotive to make your professional dreams become a reality.

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