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Jumpstart Your Job Search with a Professionally Built Resume

Vocamotive Dec. 14, 2015

There are a lot of rewards for do-it-yourselfers these days. You can save $20 by changing your own oil, $12 by washing your own car, $50 by repairing your stove. You can press your own suits, groom your own pets – some people even cut their own hair. Why not save a few bucks by writing your own resume? There are plenty of examples online, web sites that take your work history and spit out neat-looking resumes in a matter of minutes. How hard can it be? Seriously, who needs a professionally built resume?
The answer to that question is, You need a professionally built resume. There’s a time for economizing and a time for investing, and now is the time to invest in yourself. We’re not talking about trimming a few bucks off your grocery bill or finding a cheaper way to paint the basements stairs; this is about your career; this is about getting to that next level so that you have more money for things like groceries and paint.
Do the math: Have you calculated the difference between your current situation and the job you’re searching for? How much more will you be making if you get that new job? Quite a lot, right? Subtract the cost of using a professional resume creation service, and look at it again: If you don’t get the job because you decided to scrimp on your resume, how much money will you have saved? The answer to that question is, You haven’t saved a dime. You’ve lost thousands of dollars, maybe; you’ve lost a more rewarding work experience, you’ve lost a chance to really make a difference.
You don’t need to be told that the job market is ultra-competitive. It’s a buyer’s market, and you’re definitely selling. You need a resume that will receive instant attention and mark you as a serious candidate, as someone to be reckoned with. Your hand-built resume may please your friends and family, but how critically are they looking at it? What will your homemade resume say to a human resources professional who does nothing but look at resumes all day?
Even the sharpest do-it-yourselfer can make mistakes. Professional communicators, including journalists and editors, have handed in their own resumes only to discover later that they left something out, or that they had substituted “hear” for “here” or much worse. We live in a world of distractions, and no one is perfect.
So do yourself a favor and connect with a professional resume creation service. Resume pros are the mirror image of those HR people who spend all their time looking at resumes. They’re up-to-date on the latest trends in resume creation, presentation, and interpretation – and they’re more keenly tuned in to what your real strengths will be in the eyes of that prospective employer. Let them take care of your resume, and then you can cut your own hair later.
Preferably after the interview.

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