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Five Dream Jobs to Apply For Today

Vocamotive Jan. 6, 2017

Remember when you were a little kid and your parents told you that you could be anything you wanted to be when you grew up? And then sometime in your teenage years, reality came crashing in. You didn’t have the perfect eyesight needed to become an astronaut. Your singing ability wasn’t going to land you a gig on Broadway anytime soon. Your lack of natural rhythm made you an unlikely candidate to become an international rap star. You realized you were never going to grow those 4 extra inches you needed to be even a 10th round draft pick in the NBA or land an audition for the Radio City Rockettes. Let’s face it: your parents lied. We are, unfortunately, limited in what we can “be” and do.

But don’t lose all hope yet! It turns out there are some pretty fabulous jobs out there, many of which you may never even knew existed. And even if you aren’t qualified for the most awesome among them, you might still be able to get into a similar field or company that may come with some pretty cool perks. Check out our list of some of the best jobs we could find out there today.

1. Ben & Jerry’s Taster

Ben & Jerry’s refers to the people who make their awesome flavors as “taste gurus.” How do you get one of these positions? Scanning the qualifications of their current taste gurus shows a variety of degrees and backgrounds that could allow you to apply: get a food science degree, a culinary degree, a nutrition degree… and then there’s one guy… his only qualification seems to be that he loves food. Sign me up! While Ben & Jerry’s isn’t hiring any new taste gurus right now, they do have open positions [link: ], so living the ice cream dream in Burlington, Vermont could actually become a reality for you.

2. Netflix Tagger

Like to Netflix and chill? This is the ultimate (part-time) gig for you. Basically, Netflix sends you movies or shows and you watch them and create tags for them. But if you’re looking for something that pays a little better, Netflix also has positions in plenty of other areas especially for engineers, data scientists, marketers, and programmers.

3. Jack Daniel’s Taster

Did you know that Jack Daniels was a real guy? And that his great grand-niece is one of the distillery’s master tasters? Despite what you might assume, she wasn’t just handed the job; she had to go through almost a year of taste-testing tests. While you have to be blessed with extraordinary taste buds to get a job like this, if working in the spirit industry sounds like a career for you, check out the available jobs at Brown-Forman Corporation, the producer of not only Jack Daniel’s, but also Southern Comfort, Canadian Mist, and a host of other fine beverages. They have positions from marketing to legal to “log buyer” available. Something for everyone!

4. Ferrari Driver Instructor

Got a need for speed? Ferrari actually hires professional drivers to teach their customers how to drive their cars. But this isn’t like your high school gym teacher who also taught driver’s ed. This is teaching people to drive high performance sports cars. By the time Ferrari owners complete the full set of courses, they are serious enough drivers that they can compete in Ferrari Challenge Championship races. So if you’re not ready to become a professional race car driver yourself but you love their cars and want to work in Europe, Ferrari has other positions for you, from engine engineers to brand managers. 

5. Video Game Tester

If you love your Sony PlayStation or your Xbox more than your non-existent girl/boyfriend, check out these tips on how to become a paid video game tester. It’s generally an entry-level job, but think of it as making money doing something you’re already doing for free. And in fact, right now, Spin Games LLC is hiring a Product Tester for a new interactive gambling product. Let’s hope you don’t have to gamble your own money to get paid for this gig!

And one thing that all these jobs – and most others – have in common is that you need a resume. Not just any resume: you need one that will get you noticed and get you hired. So whether you’re looking to Netflix and chill as a career or have more traditional goals, we’d love to help you get the job of your dreams. Visit Vocamotive’s website today to get an idea of what we can do for you and your resume, both on paper and on LinkedIn.

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