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Bold Questions to Ask in An Interview

Vocamotive May 3, 2018

Landed an interview for a job you really want? Congratulations! Now it’s time to get to work. The preparation phase before a big interview is a crucial time. You need to go over the job description, the company’s aims and objectives, and your own skills and experience in relation to the role, all of which you’ll be asked about in detail. And don’t forget, you need to think about a great list of interview questions that you want to ask yourself.

Bold Questions to Ask in An Interview that Get You Noticed!

It’s inevitable that any interviewer will ask if you have any questions about the job and the company at the end. Other than this being a great opportunity for you to find out everything you want to know, it is also a chance for you to stand out from other candidates by being bold.

Want to leave a memorable impression on your interviewer? Try asking one of these bold interview questions below:

Why Is This Job Role Available? Is It a Newly Created Position? if Not, how Many People Have Done This Role Over the Last Few Years?

Finding out why the position you’re interviewing for is available will provide you with some valuable insight about the company and where you could go with the role. It’s a bold interview question as most candidates may not ask about the history of the job. But the backstory can reveal quite a lot of important information.

If it is a role that was previously held by someone else, you want to find out as much as you can about why that person left the role without coming across as nosy. If there are any hints that the role has been held by many different people who have then gone on to leave the company, the high turnover rate could be a bad sign. It implies there may be issues within the team or the role.

If the previous person has been promoted, this is a good sign as it means the company rewards hard workers and there is room for progression. If the role is newly created, this is also positive as it signifies that the company is in a growth stage.

Based on My Resume, Are There Any Skills and Qualifications that You Think I May Be Lacking for This Role?

This is a gutsy interview question that will show the interviewer that you’re willing to grow and learn in any areas where your skills or experience may be lacking. It will also give the interviewer a chance to state any concerns they may have about your qualifications for the role, and allow you to address any potential doubts. Lastly, it gives you the chance to discuss the role further with the interviewer. They may talk about areas of responsibility which have not have been mentioned in detail in the job description.

The best case scenario is that the interviewer won’t be able to think of any areas where you’re lacking, which will cement the idea in their mind that you’re the perfect person for the job!

Based on This Interview, Is There Anything that May Make You Think I’m Not the Best Person for This Job?

This is the perfect follow up for the previous question, as it takes the focus away from your skils and experience to the discussion you’ve just had. It allows you to rectify any mistakes you may have made during the interview and clear up any misunderstandings there and then. It also reiterates your confidence and further emphasizes your interest in the job. This is a fairly bold interview question as it puts the interviewer on the spot to discuss any doubts they may have about you based on your discussion.

Try and clear any doubts that the interviewer may express there and then before you leave the interview. And if they express that they don’t have any doubts, you can leave the interview knowing that you put your best foot forward. If they don’t have any doubts, at least you’ll know that the only way you won’t get the job is if they find another candidate who is simply a better fit for them.

Asking a question like these last two ones also shows that you’re someone who is open to feedback and criticism, and that’s a quality that many employers value in their employees.

What More Can I Do to Convince You that I’m the Best Person for This Job?

This direct and bold interview question shows your hunger and desire to get the job, and your willingness to do everything in your power to get it. This is a particularly good question to throw in if you can feel the interviewer drifting off or losing interest in what you’re saying at any point. This interview question will result in the interviewer going over your discussion and skill set in their mind, and vocalizing any questions they may have about your abilities.

Whether they think you’re the right candidate for the job or not at this point, most interviewers will definitely appreciate your direct approach here and your willingness to do whatever you can to secure the job. It will also give them a chance to express what they are looking for from their ideal candidate, and you will have a better idea of what you need to say to convince them you’re that candidate.

In response to this interview question, some interviewers may even ask you to complete a test or an assignment for them to showcase your ability to handle the job. Either way, this is a strong interview question that shows confidence and initiative and should definitely be asked by those candidates who want their interview to stand out.

These interview questions may feel too bold for some of you, and they do require quite a lot of guts and confidence in yourself and your abilities. It is also easier to put forward some these questions once you find a level of comfort with your interviewer, so don’t rule them out altogether until you’ve met them. Remember, this extra display of confidence and candor could be just what you need to get you the job over another candidate with the exact same qualifications. Best of luck!

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