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Another Year of Achievement for Vocamotive: A 2017 Retrospective

Vocamotive Feb. 5, 2018

2017 was a busy year at Vocamotive! During the past year, we continued to provide the very best in vocational rehabilitation and consulting services to clients throughout Illinois, and achieved excellent case management and closure results for our customers.

Vocamotive continued to expand service offerings. Our extensive line of services allow us to empower more individuals than ever before in pursuing new employment opportunities.

Here are a few things we have been up to, along with some big achievements we had last year.

Vocational Evaluation: 2017 in Review


Vocational Evaluations Performed by Our CRCs in 2017

It was a productive year for our CRC team. They completed well over 300 vocational evaluation interviews. Vocamotive also started offering comprehensive in-house vocational testing to assess General Educational Development, as well as aptitude and interest assessment, as part of our comprehensive vocational evaluation process to identify viable job targets and training opportunities for clients authorized for vocational services.

Additionally, we continued to expand service to special needs students in transition, including vocational evaluation and job placement services. The goal of this new initiative is to evaluate capabilities and help young adults with cognitive or developmental disabilities to successfully transition from high school to the workforce. 

Expertise and Credentials

Our Certified Rehabilitation Counselors, and job search staff renewed credentialing with the Veterans Administration to continue to provide vocational services to U.S. military veterans. Services provided include vocational evaluation and testing, job placement services and independent living assessments.

Our team of Certified Rehabilitation Counselors completed hundreds of depositions and trials in workers’ compensation, civil litigation, wrongful discharge, and other litigation, serving both respondent and petitioner/plaintiff.

Our team of Computer Lab Instructors renewed and expanded the most up-to-date Microsoft Certifications and Illinois Board of Higher Education requirements to train our clients in keyboarding and all aspects of Microsoft Office, including Word, Excel and Outlook, and our unique Vocational English as a Second Language program. 

Job Placement


Vocational rehabilitation clients successfully placed into new jobs in 2017

This year, 33 vocational rehabilitation clients were successfully placed into new jobs. The Career Development Team provided comprehensive support and supervision to clients to find new career opportunities by identifying employment opportunities, supervising the process (keeping our clients accountable), conducting mock interviews, developing strong résumés, facilitating job application, directing follow up with employers, and building employer relationships to create placement opportunity and job offer. 

Computer Training

Vocamotive offers Computer Training Services under supervision and approval of the Illinois Board of Higher Education (IBHE). This year Vocamotive again completed the 5 year credentialing process with the IBHE for curriculum and instruction staff. 


Students provided with computer skills training in 2017

Our Computer Training Program served 99 students who were enrolled in 2017. The computer training curriculum offered at Vocamotive includes basic keyboarding, computer use, basic through advanced Microsoft Office programs (including Word, Excel and Outlook), internet and email communication for job search purposes,.

Vocamotive offers a complete hardware and software solution, providing students with laptop, Internet connectivity, and assistive technology as required. Via our customized training console we monitor student activity and progress, and provide technical support.

Whether our students train in our lab or in a remote location, Vocamotive monitors progress, provide support, and manages accountability.

Résumé and Personal Branding Services

In 2017 Vocamotive continued to build its new division dedicated to providing Résumé, LinkedIn profile, executive biographies, and related writing services to clients outside of the vocational rehabilitation market. Adam Zajac and Brittney Beck are both Nationally Certified Résumé Writers and have built a diverse client base throughout the country and the world.

26 U.S. States and 9 Countries

In which Vocamotive provided résumé services in 2017

As demonstrated by the map below, the team has worked with individuals in 26 states last year. In addition, our international clientele included business executives from many countries, including Luxembourg, Canada, Spain, Germany, Australia, Malaysia, Colombia, and the United Kingdom.

Adam and Brittney work with senior level professionals and executives in a wide array of fields, including (but not limited to) Insurance, Real Estate, Broadcast Media, Defense Contracting, Government Administration, Military and Veterans Affairs, Global Retail, Supply Chain, Academia, Law, Hospitality, Finance and Banking, Healthcare, Energy, Engineering, Social Work, Automotive, Pharmacy, Urban Planning, Criminal Justice, Design, Sales, IT, Professional Athletics, PR/Advertising/Marketing, Nonprofit Administration, Human Resources, Merchandising, Global Shipping and Logistics, and Counseling.

Brittney successfully obtained her NCRW certification this year, making her and Adam two of only 55 NCRWs in the world with this résumé writing distinction (the highest within the field). Adam was also elected to the board at the National Résumé Writers’ Association (NRWA) as Conference Programming Chair.


Glowing testimonials received by Vocamotive’s résumé writing team in 2017

 As a sign of their success (and their clients’ satisfaction), Adam and Brittney received 45 written testimonials in 2017 for their writing, career guidance and executive coaching expertise. Some of the feedback received included:

“Brittney is a pleasure to work with! I just finished up the process with her and was so very pleased with the end results. I would absolutely recommend Brittney to anyone needing assistance with making a career move. I am in a period of career transition right now so I had many high hopes and she made sure to exceed my expectations every step of the way, both with the content she delivered as well as the career guidance and support she provided. Brittney was extremely professional, knowledgeable, and patient throughout the detailed process!”

“As a senior operations executive, I recently found myself seeking a new opportunity. After deciding professional career and writing advice would give me a decisive advantage in my job search, I approached Adam after considering several writers. He assisted me in developing a highly polished profile which did an excellent job of representing my brand and career narrative. His work produced immediate results and helped to grab the attention of top recruiters. He is an excellent resource and I highly recommend his LinkedIn, resume writing and other career-related services.”


The new salary of one of our résumé clients

From the desk of Joseph Belmonte, C.R.C./President Vocamotive, Inc.

2017 was a banner year for Vocamotive. We continued to provide service to workers’ compensation claimants throughout Illinois and neighboring states, offering the most unique vocational rehabilitation protocol in Illinois, and maintaining our status as one of the most unique vocational rehabilitation and career consulting practices in the country.

We continued to drive down case open time and cost to closure in core workers’ compensation services to yield greater return on investment.

We expanded staff expertise and credentials in vocational testing, the Veterans Administration, Microsoft Office Certification, Vocational English as a Second Language, Résumé Writing and Personal Branding.

We are preparing to take bold new steps to create unique training and employment opportunities for Special Needs Students in Transition and for students who have aged out of the educational system, but still need assistance.

Empowerment Through Employment is our mission. Our name is a combination of two Latin words. Vocatio (our call to service), and Motum (our passion and commitment). Vocatio/Motum-Vocamotive. We love what we do and we intend to do it even better in 2018!
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