Vocational and Job Rehabilitation Services

Vocamotive offers Vocational Rehabilitation, Medical Case Management, Job Analysis, and Expert Witness services in Workers Compensation, Personal Injury, Employment Law, and Family and Education Law. 

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Vocational Services

Vocational Evaluation Interview 

Comprehensive in person interview necessary to gain a thorough understanding of medical history, functional status, educational and work history.

Vocational Testing

Testing is critical to transferable skills analysis, job matching, determinations of employability, and placement. Multiple batteries are administered to assess General Educational Development, aptitude, interest, and temperament.

Job Seeking Skills Instruction

With the advent of online job search and applicant tracking systems (ATS), contacting employers has become increasingly complex. From the basics of completing a job application and online search, to direct employer contact via telephone, email, in-person visit and all important follow-up. The job seeker learns to complete and document high-volume professional level employer contact to create interview opportunity and job offers. 

Job Development

Vocamotive Employment Relation Managers are full-time, dedicated “on the phone” and “on the street” professionals maximizing relationships with employers and presenting our clients and their skills to those who can hire them.

Computer Training

Just looking for a job is a huge challenge for those without keyboard proficiency or computer literacy. Computer skills are essential in the digital age, even for many entry-level jobs, and critical to stable labor market access. Our comprehensive curriculum, individualized training, and Microsoft Office Certified Professionals, give our clients a competitive edge. We are a licensed Vocational school operating under supervision of the Illinois Board of Higher Education.

Creative Training and Placement Strategies

Many injured workers have a history of high earnings but few transferable skills. We “think outside the box” and work with motivated employers to prepare our clients with education, training, internship, certification, and credentials to meet the needs of employers and improve earnings potential.

Labor Market Survey

Labor Market Survey is more than making a few phone calls to find out who’s hiring. It is about matching the person to specific jobs in specific labor markets based on their age, education, work history, transferable skills, and physical capacities. It is essential to establishing employability and wage earning potential.