Vocamotive’s Vocational English as a Second Language Program (VESL)

Who Would Benefit:

  • Any Non-English Speaking Job Seekers
  • Worker’s Compensation Clients
  • Non-Profit Organizations Serving Non-English Speaking Populations
  • Transition Students
  • Recent Immigrants and Refugees

Why Attend Vocamotive’s Vocational English as a Second Language Program (VESL):

Vocational English is a necessity for any non-English speaking job seeker. This includes individuals looking for work after a significant life changing event, an immigrant looking for work for the first time in the US, or any other individual seeking work when English is not their primary language. While this program is not intended to replace ESL courses taught in other educational venues, it provides pertinent vocabulary and information for non-English speaking job seekers unavailable in other programs. During this 10-week, full-time immersion program, our experienced staff teaches English that will be required to obtain and sustain employment.

What Participants Get from the Vocational English as a Second Language Program (VESL):

  • Use of Basic Job Search Vernacular
  • Use of Rosetta Stone Software to Develop English Language Skills
  • Keyboarding and Key-padding (Typing) Skills
  • Map Navigation Skills
  • Individualized and Group Training Sessions
  • Forms and Tools Used in Job Search Activities
  • A Master Application to Use as a Guide when Applying for Work
  • A Customized Résumé
  • Interviewing Skills – (including guidance for dealing with sensitive topics such as age, lack of current experience, disability, employment gaps, immigration status, criminal backgrounds and language barriers)
  • Mock Interviews
  • Job Search Template Documents
  • A Personalized Plan for Job Search Activities and Strategies
  • Assistance when Communicating with Employers

Academic Catalog: Vocamotive 2018 Catalog  (PDF download)