Vocamotive’s Nonprofit Consulting Services

Who Would Benefit:

  • Career Focused Organizations
  • Nonprofit Organizations Providing Employment Services
  • Community Centers and Outreach Programs
  • Ministries
  • Government Assistance Programs
  • Veteran’s Employment (Support) Groups

Christine Madsen

  • Christine Madsen on Nonprofit Consulting Services


    Services Offered:

    Train the Trainer

    We train your organization’s Job Developers and Case Management Staff to obtain the greatest return on their investment of time and resources when working to assist individuals find employment.

    Career Services Process Enrichment

    Vocamotive can enhance your program’s existing job placement and client management process so that it can reach or exceed placement goals.

    First, we conduct a careful evaluation of your program and then our experienced professionals create a customized plan to adapt our proven methods and processes to your needs.

    We then augment and enrich your job development process while supporting your existing staff through customized, one-on-one training and professional development.

    Finally, Vocamotive then assists with the implementation of the enhanced process so that your employment services program can reap the rewards of improved placement results while saving time and money.

    Why Use Vocamotive to Enhance Your Organization’s Employment Program?

    Our Affordable Consultation Service Really Does Help Your Organization to Obtain Sustainable Results Which Benefit Those You Serve
    • Increased Staff Efficiency and Productivity
    • Increased Quantity of Placement Results
    • Increased Quality of Placement Results
    • Improved Staff Morale
    • Generation of Long Lasting Employer Relationships
    • Return on Investment (By assisting an organization with meeting or exceeding its placement goals, we can help your organization re-qualify for grant funding and obtain additional funding in the future.)
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