Professional Career Services in Lombard IL

Here at Vocamotive, we provide an exceptional range of career services for people living and working in Lombard IL, as well as soon-to-be residents searching for new job opportunities in or close to the village.

Home to 43,745 residents, Lombard IL is a beautiful village in DuPage County. There are many fantastic career opportunities in the village and in nearby cities like Wheaton and Chicago, just waiting for the right professionals to come along. The expert team at Vocamotive can help you to find and make the most of local job opportunities whether you’re a young professional, director, executive, or in middle or senior management.

We’ve been helping professionals at all stages of their career journey since 1992, and we can help you as well. Keep reading to discover our main career services in Lombard IL, and how the vocational rehabilitation and job search experts at Vocamotive can assist you.

LinkedIn Profile Writing Services in Lombard IL

Do you have a LinkedIn profile that’s going to waste or are you yet to join the largest professional network in the world? LinkedIn is an important platform for professionals in all industries. Your LinkedIn profile is critical in making new connections and advertising your skills, achievements and training to recruiters.

Through LinkedIn you can connect with professionals around the world, but first you need the perfect profile. The LinkedIn profile writers at Vocamotive can revolutionize your LinkedIn profile or design one from scratch to impress hiring professionals in Lombard IL and further afield in Chicago and across the US.

Our LinkedIn profile writers use tried and tested strategies to present you in the best light to recruiters with content that stands out for its quality and uniqueness. If you’re looking for a new job or want to progress up the career ladder, then our profile writers can help you to create, update and edit your LinkedIn profile to perfection.

Cover Letter & Resume Writing Services in Lombard IL

There are no two documents more important in securing interviews than your cover letter and resume. The resume and cover letter writers at Vocamotive are on hand to provide professional advice and support throughout the writing process to ensure that your job documents are the best they can be.

Our resume and cover letting writing services in Lombard IL are second to none when it comes to quality of writing and keyword and format optimization – we ensure complete compliance with applicant tracking systems! Our writers are diligent, experienced and nationally certified, making us the best choice to produce exceptional cover letters and resumes that meet the standards of the National Resume Writers’ Association.

Career Enhancement Services

The expert team at Vocamotive are here to help you at every stage of your job hunt with professional career enhancement services in Lombard IL. You can come to us for support in writing your resume, cover letter and LinkedIn profile, as well as professional assistance with:

• Vocational Evaluations
• Vocational Testing
• Job Search Management
• Job Search Document Creation
• Job Development

Whether you require expert assistance preparing for interviews, career coaching to help you further your career, or help improving the opportunities open to you, you can turn to the professionals at Vocamotive.

Career Change Assistance in Lombard IL

You may be considering a career change for any number of reasons, from a desire to try something new and pursue a career you love to a necessity due to unexpected circumstances. Here at Vocamotive, we can support your career change no matter what has caused your career to turn in a new direction.

We offer many beneficial career change services in Lombard IL, including job search workshops to get you accustomed to the job market and internship development to open up new opportunities in different industries and help you get your foot in the door.

Whether you need job search advice and career guidance or help creating essential documents like resumes and social profiles to appeal to hiring managers in a new industry, we have the services you’re looking for.

Job Placement & Skills Training in Lombard IL

The job placement and skills training services that we provide in Lombard IL are perfect for people changing careers, recent graduates, people returning to the workforce and anyone else searching for a job.

We’ll teach you more about finding and landing a job today and give you a helping hand getting internships, interviews and a range of other opportunities to accelerate your job search.
Through our job skill training services, you’ll be able to discover more about interview preparation, letter writing and computer software, receive expert computer training and much, much more.

Get in touch with Vocamotive today through our website or by calling us on 630-230-1752 to learn more about our professional career services in Lombard IL.

Call or contact Vocamotive today to learn more about our comprehensive transitions services and we will show you the possibilities!