Top Reasons Why Remote Careers Are the Future of the Mobile Workforce

The professional world is constantly changing. New and exciting opportunities to become more independent career-wise arise each day. What does that mean for you? As we move into a new day and age, more opportunities for working independently without the need to commute to a physical office are becoming more readily-available by the day. Remote […]

Top Jobs Skills to Have in Your Career Tool Box in 2021 & Beyond

Prepare your CV for the future by learning about all of the career job skills that the employers of tomorrow will be looking for to give you a competitive edge over the competition.   The professional world is constantly changing, and with it are the mindset of companies and their hiring teams. Different skills and […]

The Modern-Day Hiring Process & How it Works

  Modern-Day Hiring Processes Over the years, the hiring process has transformed dramatically due to technological advancements. Things like video interviewing, advanced interview software, online applications, and social media job search sites have changed how people worldwide hunt for employment and get hired. You now have what seems like a million ways to search for […]

Resumes & LinkedIn Profiles – They’re Not Just for Job Search

Recently, I had an individual contact me for services to improve their LinkedIn profile not for job search services, but to advance their current work. Speaking with this individual made me think back on all the projects (both LinkedIn and resume related) that I’ve worked on for individuals that had NO plans to job search. […]

Behind the Scenes – Vocamotive’s Résumé Development Strategy

  Vocamotive’s Résumé Development Strategy A powerful and up-to date résumé is something that every professional should have ready to go. In the best of times it allows you to remain agile and seize opportunities that come your way. In harder times, such as those being experienced by so much of the world as of […]

LinkedIn Profile Pictures: Why They Are a Must-Have and How to Pick the Perfect One

Do I Need a LinkedIn Profile Picture? In my interactions with clients of various industries and at different career phases, I often preach about the importance of a LinkedIn profile as part of an individual’s personal and professional brand. In response, I typically get a number of questions including the ever popular “do I really […]

5 Signs You Would Benefit From Job Search Assistance

Whether you are currently employed and exploring your options or unemployed and looking for a new career, searching for a job can be a long and exhausting journey. In addition, the process can feel futile and frustrating if you are not getting employer feedback, are turned down during the interview process, or are unsure of […]

17 LinkedIn Improvement Tips for 2017

With 2017 rapidly approaching, many professionals are starting to think about finding a new position or making a career change in the New Year. With 87 percent of recruiters using LinkedIn, a fully optimized and updated profile is a great place to begin! Author’s Note: This article is a complementary piece to the highly praised […]

17 Resume Improvement Tips for 2017

It is hard to believe, but 2017 is right around the corner! If a new position, career change or professional advancement is in your future, make sure you take the steps necessary to realize your goals. A new or updated résumé is a great place to begin!