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Adam Zajac, Chief Résumé and LinkedIn Profile Writer

Adam Zajac, NCRW is the Head Résumé and LinkedIn Profile Writer and Executive Career Strategist for Vocamotive, Inc. He is 1 of only 54 Nationally Certified Résumé Writers in North America and is an expert career development professional with over 12 years of industry experience. As a proud member of the National Résumé Writers’ Association and leader of the career development team at Vocamotive, he has successfully assisted thousands of job seekers, career changers, and business executives achieve their professional goals throughout the United States.

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Chicago Resume and LinkedIn Profile Writer
Brittney Beck, Associate Résumé and LinkedIn Profile Writer | Career Services Specialist

Brittney Beck, CCELW is the Associate Résumé and LinkedIn Profile Writer and Career Strategist for Vocamotive, Inc. She has an education in strategic communications, as well as considerable experience in writing, career development, and personal branding. Brittney is highly talented in assisting her clients achieve their professional goals and the materials she creates quickly result in interview opportunities. Her dedication to her craft and expert business writing abilities result in top-tier products.

Chicago Executive & C-Level Resume Writing Service

A resume is something that follows you throughout your career, changing and adapting as you learn new skills, gain experience, and progress up the career ladder. However, it isn’t just the contents of a resume that’s ever-evolving, but the way that recruiters and hiring managers read and process resumes.

These days resumes for executive & c-level positions need to be as well optimized as they are perfectly written. Your skills, excellent grammar, faultless spelling, and a professional tone of voice must be expertly integrated into a resume that’s adapted to appeal to human eyes and computer software.

The professional executive & c-level resume writing service from Vocamotive is the solution to creating the perfect resume for every job search. Our skilled resume writers combine expert writing with modern techniques to create a resume that gets you noticed. If you’re looking to expand your career prospects and land the top-level position of your dreams, then Vocamotive have the talented writers you need.  

Pros of Resume Writing Services for Top Positions

Great executive and c-level positions are not always easy to come by, and you can all but guarantee that the competition to land the position is going to be substantial. To make sure that you’re ready as soon as a new opportunity presents itself, professional resume writing services can be an incredible asset.  

Here are some of the biggest pros of investing in resume writing services when trying to secure a top position:

  • Industry-Specific Language – Uncommon wording and industry-specific terms are an important inclusion in any resume, and we know just how to integrate them to catch the attention of recruiters.
  • Keyword Optimization – With the rise in popularity of recruitment software, keyword optimization has become an essential element of resume writing. We inject your resume with the right keywords to help you get noticed.
  • Perfect Spelling & Grammar – Faultless spelling and grammar is a massive bonus for your chances of securing a new job. A skilled resume writer will ensure that your resume is perfectly-written from start to finish, giving recruiters no reason to doubt your abilities.
  • Professional Tone & Format – Recruiters and hiring managers expect a certain level of professionalism in the tone and format of the resumes they receive. While it’s great to stand out from the crowd, we make sure that you don’t stand out for the wrong reasons!

With a professionally-written resume from Vocamotive, it couldn’t be easier to put your best foot forward and display exactly why you’re the ideal applicant for a c-level or executive position. Having the knowledge that you have an exceptional resume will make your job search easier and give you the confidence to pursue new opportunities to further your career goals.

What Is an Applicant Tracking System (ATS)?

In recent years, there have been many changes to the recruitment process, both for the benefit and detriment of applicants. Few changes have had such a massive impact on resume creation as ATS, which are commonplace in most organizations.  

An ATS is a form of software that, among other functions, is designed to automatically sift and scan through resumes, highlighting candidates that it processes as the best fit for a position.

The software speeds up the recruitment process by narrowing down candidate numbers; it gathers, sorts, and then ranks resumes, allowing recruiters to filter them based on different criteria. For candidates, this means that resumes need to be keyword optimized to even stand the chance of reaching the hands of hiring professionals.

What Is an ATS Compliant Resume?

An ATS compliant resume is like any other resume, but it includes the information that the ATS software is searching for in a way that’s perfectly formatted, along with the filter criteria that many recruiters use. ATS compliant resumes often have a number of things in common, such as:

  • Clean, Standard Formatting
  • Only Simple Symbols
  • Inclusion of relevant keywords
  • Text optimized to the Job Description
  • Careful Placement of Contact Information

Optimizing a resume for an ATS is no easy feat, but it’s incredibly important if you want the best chances of progressing to the interview stage. To ensure that your resume is completely compliant with ATS, using a professional resume writing service can be a key advantage.

The Importance of Keyword Usage in Resume Writing  

It’s now a common misconception that resumes only need to impress recruiters and hiring managers, they now need to pass the ATS process as well. To ‘beat’ an ATS, the right keywords need to be used in the right way, without going overboard.

The most important reason to use keywords in your resume is to prevent your resume falling victim to software. A key problem with ATS is that some of the best candidates can fall through the cracks if they don’t have an ATS-friendly resume. Certain keywords, such as job titles and skills, are also commonly used by recruiters to narrow the candidate pool, so using the right wording can further preserve your resume’s place amongst the best.

A professional writing service, with a vast amount of experience optimizing resumes for ATS and recruiters, can give your resume the makeover it needs to meet ATS requirements.

How Much Time Do Recruiters Spend Reading a Resume?

Optimizing your resume for an ATS is one thing, but it also needs to appeal to recruiters, especially since recruiters spend an average of less than a minute reading a resume – some studies claim the average time is just 6 seconds. With a professional executive & c-level resume service, you can combine effective keywords and formatting with quality writing that highlights your best skills and experience to capture the attention of recruiters.

How Long Does a Hiring Manager Look at a Resume?

Hiring managers provide an entirely different perspective on resumes, but that doesn’t mean that they spend much more time reading them. Again, the time a hiring manager spends looking at a resume is normally an average of less than a minute: the common consensus is that the average is less than 30 seconds.

It’s not easy to make an impact in seconds, but it can be done! The talented resume writers for top positions at Vocamotive won’t let a single word of your resume go to waste. As an executive, you have a lot of responsibility, but before you can help a business to grow, you first need to nurture your chances of success on the job market with a resume that recruiters and hiring managers simply can’t say no to.  

Professional Résumé, LinkedIn, and Career Services



Invest in your professional future. Vocamotive’s team of résumé and LinkedIn profile writers and executive career coaches will provide you with the tools necessary to quickly land more interviews and lucrative offers of employment.

Our team has successfully assisted thousands of individuals by developing powerful résumés, cover letters, LinkedIn profiles, executive portfolios and other job search materials.

Vocamotive’s nationally certified and experienced résumé and profile writers implement the latest technical strategies and industry standards, along with time tested practices. Our work has impressed companies and hiring professionals throughout the United States and around the globe.

Our Professional Clients Include:

  •  Directors and C-Level Executives
  •  Senior Management and Advanced Professionals
  •  Experienced Professionals and Middle Management
  •  Young Professionals & Recent Graduates

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As no two job seekers are alike, all documents are built from scratch and customized to your unique set of circumstances. Vocamotive prices its services upon career level and project scope. After completing a free consultation, a final price will be quoted.




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Career Services:

  •  Professional and Executive Résumés: The résumés we write are guaranteed to generate results. They are in-line with the standards of the National Résumé Writers’ Association (NRWA) and are Applicant Tracking System (ATS) compliant.
  •  LinkedIn Profiles: Professionally developed profiles are optimized to attract recruiter and employer attention and offer a robust professional networking platform.
  •  Employment Correspondence: Cover letters, follow up correspondence, and thank you letters are key to an effective job search effort. We provide document creation services and guidance to help with this important step.
  •  Career Coaching and Executive Recruitment Concierge Services: We offer a variety of coaching, professional networking, and job search management services, which can be customized to the individualized needs of our clients.

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