Personal Injury

Getting injured is always a serious matter. It is especially so when that injury affects one’s ability to work. Difficult questions must be answered.

Is the injured party able to work? Is there a stable labor market available to them? Will they be able to earn as they did before?

Getting reliable, authoritative answers to these questions is critical for both Plaintiff and Respondent.

The Certified Rehabilitation Counselor who is highly skilled in vocational evaluation, testing, labor market analysis, training, and job placement must be the source for evaluation, transferable skills analysis, labor market data, and sound objective opinions that survive courtroom challenge.

This data informs economic analysis.

Vocational analysis is about gaining a thorough understanding of critical facts unique to the individual that affect employability. Education, training, work experience, language skills, computer literacy, job seeking skills, transferable skills, and labor market conditions all play a role in determining employability and wage earning potential.

The credibility of the vocational expert is greatly enhanced when that expert is known for specializing in vocational analysis and putting people with a broad range of disabilities to work.