Vocamotive offers vocational rehabilitation for the following:

  • Workers injured on the job
  • Older workers subject to an unexpected career change
  • Social Security Disability Income (SSDI) recipients
  • Anyone in need of job search and career guidance
Our comprehensive vocational evaluation and testing program will identify specific employment opportunities the client is qualified for based on his or her education, location, aptitude, interest and physical capacity profile. We deliver a highly detailed career plan and expert assistance with its execution. Our vocational services include assisting clients with learning how to effectively fill out employment applications, creating job search documents and résumés, implementing effective job search techniques and strategies, managing job interviews, tracking your efforts and mounting a truly professional level job search effort. We will also provide insights into the decisions and behaviors of hiring managers. We will demonstrate how to implement Vocamotive’s proven and effective job seeking process to obtain your specific employment goals.

You can use our online intake form located here to process your request online.  If you prefer, you can download and print the referral form and fax the document back to us.

Service Offerings

Vocational Evaluation:
Comprehensive vocational evaluation is a key component to the vocational rehabilitation process as it provides a thorough understanding of how the client’s background impacts future career planning.

Vocational Testing:
Vocational testing is a vital aspect of the evaluation process and consists of a variety of batteries to assess overall aptitudes, interests and temperament. Our Certified Rehabilitation Counselors administer testing in order to determine an individual’s strengths, needs, and career/training potential.

Job Seeking Skills Instruction:
In a supervised job search environment, we teach our clients how to effectively complete employment applications, create job search documents, implement effective job search strategies, manage job interviews, track career search efforts and mount a truly professional level job search effort.
Job Development and Placement:
Our professional job developers have deep insight into the decisions and behaviors of hiring managers. This information is leveraged to full effect by Vocamotive’s team, and our staff actively interface with employers and recruiters in order to generate interviews and secure employment.
Labor Market Surveys:
A labor market survey will assist in determining the availability of a stable labor market and projected wage earning potential. Our team contacts prospective employers to gather details pertaining to job duties, educational requirements, mandatory experience, and available wages.
Cover Letter and Résumé Writing: Our nationally certified writers and career development professionals implement a proven process which assesses a client’s background and translates that information into precise and effective career documents which are proven to land results.
Computer Training: Vocamotive provides comprehensive computer training services to clients both on and offsite which facilitate the development of immediately useful skills in the marketplace.
Job Analysis: We have the capability to visit worksites and observe all activities involved in the successful performance of a specific job. This allows us to identify necessary attributes and/or job requirements in order to assess if an individual has the residual physical capacity to perform the position in question.
Internship Development: Changing careers can pose a significant challenge. To overcome this, we tap into our industry relationships and forge new partnerships with employers in order to create internship opportunities of our clients. This provides them with valuable experience needed to reenter the labor market.
Vocational English as a Second Language: Our VESL (Vocational English as a Second Language) class provides the non-English speaking client with the necessary English and job search capabilities required to implement an appropriate job search effort. Topics covered include completion of an application, résumé, correspondence letters, interviewing skills and the basic computer skills necessary for the job search process.

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