Vocamotive’s Job Placement and Skills Training

Who Would Benefit:

All Job Seekers!

  • Veterans Transitioning to Civilian Employment
  • Career Changers
  • Vocational Rehabilitation Clients
  • Transition Students
  • Recent High School and College Graduates
  • People Returning to the Workforce After an Extended Absence

What is Vocamotive’s Career Skills and Job Placement Program?

Vocamotive has developed a highly effective proprietary process to assist any and all individuals navigate the steps involved in a modern job search effort. Whether you are a first time job seeker, one who is changing careers, re-entering the workforce after an absence or someone dealing with challenging circumstances that impact your employability, we have the experience and knowledge needed to help you achieve your goals.

Our program educates the job seeker to the modern day realities of the labor market. This includes the development of specific documents and tools to enhance the individual’s efforts, planning and guidance on how to approach and interact with employers, assistance with identifying job leads, applying for positions and thorough interview preparation. Our Job Developers also contact employers, advocate for our clients and arrange interview, internship and job opportunities. Vocamotive staff supports the individual every step of the way, from their first day of job search to their first day on their new job.

What Participants Get from Vocamotive’s Job Placement and Skills Instruction Services:

  • Individualized Support from Experience Career Placement Professionals
  • Personalized Employment Documents (Résumés, Cover Letters and other Template Documents, Reference Documents, Application Guides and More)
  • Letter Writing Instruction and Assistance
  • Assistance with Developing Interview, Internship and Job Opportunities
  • A Process to Track and Maintain an Effective Job Search Effort
  • Interviewing Preparation and Skills Instruction
  • Instruction in Using Technology and Computer Software in a Job Search Setting
  • Lessons in Utilizing Social Media and Networking for Job Seeking Purposes
  • A Personalized Plan to Follow When Approaching a Job Search
  • Guidance on How to Identify and Apply For Appropriate Job Leads
  • The Confidence, Encouragement and Assistance Needed to Land the Perfect Job