Resumes & LinkedIn Profiles – They’re Not Just for Job Search

Recently, I had an individual contact me for services to improve their LinkedIn profile not for job search services, but to advance their current work. Speaking with this individual made me think back on all the projects (both LinkedIn and resume related) that I’ve worked on for individuals that had NO plans to job search. […]

Behind the Scenes – Vocamotive’s Résumé Development Strategy

  Vocamotive’s Résumé Development Strategy A powerful and up-to date résumé is something that every professional should have ready to go. In the best of times it allows you to remain agile and seize opportunities that come your way. In harder times, such as those being experienced by so much of the world as of […]

LinkedIn Profile Pictures: Why They Are a Must-Have and How to Pick the Perfect One

Do I Need a LinkedIn Profile Picture? In my interactions with clients of various industries and at different career phases, I often preach about the importance of a LinkedIn profile as part of an individual’s personal and professional brand. In response, I typically get a number of questions including the ever popular “do I really […]

Vocational Rehabilitation Services Can Help You Land the Job

Vocational Rehabilitation Services – The Next Step These days, you never have to navigate the complicated job market alone. If you’re looking to: Explore the job opportunities open to you Prepared to take the next step in your career Return to employment after a leave of absence Vocamotive’s Vocational Rehabilitation services can help you! Modern-day […]

A Stand Out LinkedIn Profile is Essential in Today’s Job Market

LinkedIn Profile Writing Services Chicago Resume Writing Services

    LinkedIn is a business-oriented social media network that has quite an extensive history behind it, as far as digital social networking goes. The network was launched in 2003, making it older than many of the most well-known social networks, like Facebook and Twitter. Today, LinkedIn has made a name for itself as the […]

The 5 Best Santa Profiles According to this LinkedIn Expert

‘Tis the season for holiday merriment, spending time with loved ones, gift-giving, and …hiring Santa Clause. Every winter, thousands of entertainment professionals and others who simply like spreading Christmas cheer eagerly await the chance to compete for Santa gigs at shopping malls, promotional events, and even private gatherings around the western world. As LinkedIn has […]

17 LinkedIn Improvement Tips for 2017

With 2017 rapidly approaching, many professionals are starting to think about finding a new position or making a career change in the New Year. With 87 percent of recruiters using LinkedIn, a fully optimized and updated profile is a great place to begin! Author’s Note: This article is a complementary piece to the highly praised […]