Top Career Fields in Demand & Ways Vocamotive Provides Career Change Assistance

  Vocamotive’s Career Change Assistance for Top Career Fields in Demand Putting yourself on the job market can be exciting and daunting in equal measures, but switching careers altogether is a whole new ball game. If you want to break into a brand-new career field or a completely different industry, then it’s understandable that you […]

LinkedIn Profile Pictures: Why They Are a Must-Have and How to Pick the Perfect One

Do I Need a LinkedIn Profile Picture? In my interactions with clients of various industries and at different career phases, I often preach about the importance of a LinkedIn profile as part of an individual’s personal and professional brand. In response, I typically get a number of questions including the ever popular “do I really […]

Vocational Rehabilitation Services Can Help You Land the Job

Vocational Rehabilitation Services – The Next Step These days, you never have to navigate the complicated job market alone. If you’re looking to: Explore the job opportunities open to you Prepared to take the next step in your career Return to employment after a leave of absence Vocamotive’s Vocational Rehabilitation services can help you! Modern-day […]

Career Change Assistance – Ways Professional Resume Writing Services Can Help

Career Change Assistance Ways Professional Resume Writing Services Can Help Changing careers can be worrying, daunting, and down right scary. Yet career change is something that the majority of people experience more than five times in their lifetime. If you’re recently back on the job market or you’re considering pursuing a career doing something that […]

A Stand Out LinkedIn Profile is Essential in Today’s Job Market

LinkedIn Profile Writing Services Chicago Resume Writing Services

    LinkedIn is a business-oriented social media network that has quite an extensive history behind it, as far as digital social networking goes. The network was launched in 2003, making it older than many of the most well-known social networks, like Facebook and Twitter. Today, LinkedIn has made a name for itself as the […]

Finding Your Fit: What It Means to Be a Work Culture Fit

Chicago Resume Writing Services

Finding the perfect job these days involves more than just hiring a professional resume writer or sending  your Curriculum Vitae (CV) off and hoping for the best. Not only do you need to be qualified for a job, but for it to be classed as the perfect job, you need to feel in your gut […]

Craft a Follow-Up Email That Gets Read

Email anxiety is very real, especially in the contemporary job search. With people accessible at our every beckoning call due to the preponderance of communication technology, waiting for a reply is even more anxiety-ridden today. In the modern career search, it can be extremely tempting to ping the people you are trying to get in […]

Another Year of Achievement for Vocamotive: A 2017 Retrospective

year in review, annual report, job search, career services

2017 was a busy year at Vocamotive! During the past year, we continued to provide the very best in vocational rehabilitation and consulting services to clients throughout Illinois, and achieved excellent case management and closure results for our customers.   Vocamotive continued to expand service offerings. Our extensive line of services allow us to empower […]

5 Signs You Would Benefit From Job Search Assistance

Whether you are currently employed and exploring your options or unemployed and looking for a new career, searching for a job can be a long and exhausting journey. In addition, the process can feel futile and frustrating if you are not getting employer feedback, are turned down during the interview process, or are unsure of […]

Ways to Get Your Foot in the Door

Some companies are harder to get into than others. Sometimes it seems like you need to already know someone to score your dream job at that perfect company. There are ways to get your foot in the door and make some contacts who could help you out and lead you to your next job. Here […]