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Vocamotive’s nationally certified résumé and LinkedIn profile writers do much more than just write career service materials! Our team of experts have years of experience developing engaging, clear and concise content for use in personal, business and academic settings.

We can support you with excellent writing services at every stage of your professional development and at every milestone in the growth of your business. Whether you’re a student hoping for a place at the college of your dreams or a business owner who’s looking for content that echoes the voice of your brand, our writers have the expertise that you’re searching for.

From informative and exciting blog posts to accurate job descriptions for every profession, no content development challenge is too great for the skilled writers at Vocamotive. If you require expert business and personal content development, then look no further than our comprehensive list of writing services.

Business Writing Solutions

At Vocamotive, we’ve had the pleasure of working personally with directors, executives, young professionals, and middle & senior management in a range of industries. As well as providing personal writing services for professionals, we also offer writing solutions for your entire business. Our expert writers can promote your brand, improve your business’s public image, and help you to achieve your marketing goals. Take a look at some of the main services we offer businesses of all sizes:

Press Releases: If you or your business has an important announcement, we will craft the perfect press release and guide you in its media distribution. Our writers know exactly how to create an engaging and properly formatted press release that shows your business off in the best light. We can create eye-catching headings, produce engaging introductions, and write concise and insightful content to make your press release really stand out.

Website Content Development: Your website is one of the first impressions potential clients and customers will have of you. While not web developers, our team develops content that perfectly represents your unique business culture and offerings. When you choose Vocamotive to transform your website content, you’ll receive the undivided attention of our expert writers. We’ll help you to identify areas in need of improvement, produce essential content that educates your audience, and use compelling language that captures the attention of visitors to your site.

Marketing Documents: Whether marketing your products or services in print or digital mediums, we can create visually compelling and engaging marketing collateral sure to grab and hold the attention of your target audience. Our writers will get to know the ins and outs of your business and your unique marketing goals, in order to tailor every piece of content to your exacting needs.

LinkedIn Company Profiles: As the preeminent professional social media platform, it is critical that your business is well represented to potential customers, accounts, sponsors, partners and employees. Our content will expand client access, improve engagement, and provide valuable information about your business. You’ll never receive generic content or pointless jargon when you enlist the help of Vocamotive, we only provide the highest quality of content for each of our tailored writing services!

Team Member Biographies: As the public facing representatives of your organization, your team members should project a polished, professional (and perhaps fun!) image. Our professionally written biographies communicate the dynamic diversities of your team. We can give your company biographies a unified voice, while still ensuring that the unique personalities and achievements of each individual team member shine through.

Job Descriptions: Our career experts can support your human resource and hiring needs by developing professional level job descriptions for roles within your company. Our writers have an in-depth understanding of the essential components of a quality and functional job description. We can ensure that each job description is relevant, detailed, and capable of effectively communicating your expectations to candidates.

Student Writing Services

High standards are expected in all forms of academic writing. Whether you’re writing an essay that can determine your place at a top college or creating the documents required to expand your education and open up new opportunities, quality is everything! We understand how stressful writing college documents can be. Many people find it difficult to perfectly articulate what they want to say with so much riding on the quality of their writing. This is where the services of Vocamotive writers can be invaluable for a successful outcome. You can contact Vocamotive for assistance with:

College Entrance Essay Writing: Whether you are hoping to gain entrance to an undergraduate, masters, doctorate or specialized program, we will work with you to communicate your value proposition, passions, and dreams for any essay required for entrance to your target program. Our experienced writers will help you to create an essay with an excellent standard of writing and make sure it’s ready on time to meet your deadlines. No matter the prompt, with our expert writing services, you’ll have all the assistance you require to knock your essay out of the park!

Personal Statement Creation: Our team of writers work with students to understand their unique background, decide which pertinent information to present, and craft a creative personal statement which reflects an authentic and effective depiction of the student. Once our writers have finished helping you, you’ll have an exemplary personal statement that showcases your strengths and highlights what makes you unique. Whether you require one personal statement or multiple statements, our writers will work with you until you have everything you need to feel confident in your applications.

College Application Assistance: Although writing is our specialty, we are also well-versed in assisting students with navigating the complicated and lengthy college application process. It’s common to feel overwhelmed by everything involved in college applications, but with our help, stress and worry doesn’t have to define this unique experience! If you have questions about applying for college or need extra support through any part of the process, you can reach out to us.

Academic CV’s/Résumés: Whether you need an academic CV or résumé for college entry, to apply for a particular program, or gain consideration for an on-campus opportunity, our team is highly capable of crafting personal marketing documents tailored to fit your needs and goals. We can work with you on a one-to-one basis to deliver a tailored writing service that takes into account your unique circumstances and aspirations.

Miscellaneous Content Development

If you haven’t found your required writing service on our list so far, we may still be able to help you. In addition to our business and student writing services, we also provide a number of miscellaneous content development solutions. We can help you to advance your content marketing goals, promote your personal achievements, and perfect your next big presentation. You can contact the expert writers at Vocamotive today for writing services such as:

Ghostwriting: Whether you need a well-written blog article, an effective social media post, or other content for yourself or your business, we will work with you to develop and publish the perfect written information for your needs. The writers at Vocamotive can bring life to your ideas with creative and informative writing. We’ll help you to publish great content consistently that your audience will love.

Personal Biographies: Bios are used for many different purposes, and designing/writing one to meet your customized needs is one of our fortes! Our team of writers can craft the perfect personal biography, whether you require one for your website, a college application, a portfolio or a profile on social media. We’ll work with you to get everything from the tone of the piece to your personal details and accomplishments just right.

Reports/Presentations: Whether you need a written presentation for use at school, work or in another environment, our writers can help you wow your audience with a sharp and impactful presentation. Giving a presentation is less stressful and more enjoyable when you have absolute confidence in quality of its contents. No matter the topic or purpose of the report/presentation, our expert writers have the skills to help you.

Make Vocamotive Your First Choice for Personal and Business Content Writing Services

For more than 15 years, the writers at Vocamotive have been providing individuals with the tools they need to excel in their chosen careers and pursue new career paths. Our business marketing and personal content development services also target other critical areas where high-quality writing is necessary for success.

We can work alongside you to further your business goals and help you to take the next step in your personal development with content that showcases your greatest attributes. With the support of our skilled and experienced writers, you never have to tackle content creation challenges alone.

For expert advice and assistance creating content that’s perfectly tailored to your unique requirements, get in touch with Vocamotive today – the only service you need for exceptional business and personal content development!

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