Business and Personal Content Development (Writing Services)

Vocamotive’s nationally certified résumé and LinkedIn profile writers do much more than just write career service materials! Our team of experts have years of experience developing engaging, clear and concise content for use in personal, business and academic settings.

Business Writing Solutions

Press Releases: If you or your business has an important announcement, we will craft the perfect press release and guide you in its media distribution.

Website Content Development: Your website is one of the first impressions potential clients and customers will have of you. While not web developers, our team develops content that perfectly represents your unique business culture and offerings.

Marketing Documents: Whether marketing your products or services in print or digital mediums, we can create visually compelling and engaging marketing collateral sure to grab and hold the attention of your target audience.

LinkedIn Company Profiles: As the preeminent professional social media platform, it is critical that your business is well represented to potential customers, accounts, sponsors, partners and employees. Our content will expand client access, improve engagement, and provide valuable information about your business.

Team Member Biographies: As the public facing representatives of your organization, your team members should project a polished, professional (and perhaps fun!) image. Our professionally written biographies communicate the dynamic diversities of your team.

Job Descriptions: Our career experts can support your human resource and hiring needs by developing professional level job descriptions for roles within your company.

Student Writing Services

College Entrance Essay Writing: Whether you are hoping to gain entrance to an undergraduate, masters, doctorate or specialized program, we will work with you to communicate your value proposition, passions, and dreams for any essay required for entrance to your target program.

Personal Statement Creation: Our team of writers work with students to understand their unique background, decide which pertinent information to present, and craft a creative personal statement which reflects an authentic and effective depiction of the student.

College Application Assistance: Although writing is our specialty, we are also well-versed in assisting students with navigating the complicated and lengthy college application process.

Academic CV’s/Résumés: Whether you need an academic CV or résumé for college entry, to apply for a particular program, or gain consideration for an on-campus opportunity, our team is highly capable of crafting personal marketing documents tailored to fit your needs and goals.

Miscellaneous Content Development

Ghostwriting: Whether you need a well-written blog article, an effective social media post, or other content for yourself or your business, we will work with you to develop and publish the perfect written information for your needs.

Personal Biographies: Bios are used for many different purposes, and designing/writing one to meet your customized needs is one of our fortes!

Reports/Presentations: Whether you need a written presentation for use at school, work or in another environment, our writers can help you wow your audience with a sharp and impactful presentation.


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